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Nautilus Elliptical Trainers are built by the same people that brought you the Bowfex years ago. The company moved into the cardio workout market with a set of three Nautilus elliptical machines as well as several trainers sold under their other brand names, Schwinn and Stairmaster. Schwinn has been noted as a best buy by Consumer Reports and other national reviewing organizations and the Nautilus once made it to second place on Consumer Reports’ list of exceptional elliptical trainers.

The Nautilus Warranty Not What it Was

The company was founded in 1986 and had a reputation for building strong, well-designed machines that lasted for years. In fact, Nautilus elliptical trainers originally had a 10 year parts warranty, which was a good indication of the quality of the manufacturing when they can cover the parts for so long; it’s an unusually comprehensive warranty even for the high-end market.

Recently, warranties on their ellipticals are quite poor, which isn't a great sign.  You can expect to get 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts and 90 days on labor.  That's a huge change from years ago.  As a frame of reference most models in this price range offer lifetime on the frame.

Nautilus E616 Elliptical Trainer

A Look at the Current Lineup

Once geared towards the high end market and competing with companies like Precor and Life Fitness, current Nautilus ellipticals are now mid-priced machines, ranging in price from $999 to $1499, but you can usually get them on sale for much less than that.

Currently you have the E614, the E616 and the new E618 elliptical trainers.

The E614 offers 20 resistance levels, 6 incline positions and a 20" stride.  You get 22 built in workout programs including quick start, profile, heart rate, fitness test and custom, as well as a DualTrack LCD display that allows you to see your workout stats even if you're using your tablet.

The step-up E616 gives you 25 resistance levels, motorized incline, a 20" stride, 29 workout programs and a blue-backlit DualTrack LCD display.  The E616 also features Bluetooth wireless technology and is telemetry enabled for wireless heart rate monitoring.

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Both models can be synced to My Fitness Pal and other health apps via Nautilus Connect, so you can monitor your workout progress and set goals for yourself.

The less popular E514c elliptical (recently discontinued) is the entry level machine, with a fixed 18" stride, 16 resistance levels, 20 workout programs and basic LCD display. You can pedal forwards or backwards, and also utilize the Nautilus Connect capability.

The top of the line model is the new E618 Performance Series elliptical trainer, which is an improvement on the E616 with a better drive system, adjustable console and higher weight capacity, along with a slightly better warranty.

Still Popular With Customers

Despite the fact that the machines have definitely come down in quality over the years, customer reviews are still quite favorable and the Nautilus ellipticals, especially the E614 and E614, remain quite popular.

They do offer some good features, but there is a lot of competition in that price range from companies such as Horizon and NordicTrack.

If you do decide to purchase one of these machines, make sure you get an extended warranty to cover we mentioned their warranties are not great, and you don't want to get stuck in case your elliptical turns out to be a lemon.

Where to Buy Nautilus Ellipticals

You can purchase Nautilus elliptical trainers directly from the manufacturer, through sites such as Amazon, through retail or commercial outlets, catalogs and licensed distributors, so they’re easy to purchase. Nautilus does offer trained customer support for any problems and their customer service staff is generally quick to respond.

Amazon will usually give you the best prices...we've seen them discounted almost 50%, which makes them a great deal.

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Nautilus Elliptical Model Reviews

Most Popular Models

Nautilus E614 - An improvement on the E514 with more workouts, resistance levels and incline, yet still with a sub-par warranty.

Nautilus E616 - An upgraded E614 with power incline and Bluetooth wireless for workout syncing, but sharing the same inferior warranty.

Older Models

Nautilus E514 - There are better choices out there for a trainer in the $600-$900 range.

Nautilus E916 - a health club model featuring the finest in workmanship and quality components, 400-pound weight capacity and articulating foot pedals.

UPDATE: Winter 2018 Elliptical Sales are on! 


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Elliptical Buying Guide

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