Horizon E701 Elliptical - Save Your Money

by Stacey
(Norfolk, NE)

We have little space so we needed a small machine.
The price of the Horizon E701 was a little high, $600.00 at Dicks with tax. With two of us using it daily for six months for 30 minuntes each, the machine lasted only 6 months. The bar that is attached to the wheel broke. Nothing was where the bolts were. The bar broke 5 minuntes into the excercise. It is not covered in the warranty and there are no replacement parts for this. We are now out 100 dollars a month. We could have joined a gym for 700 dollars a year but chose to have this Horizon elliptical trainer in the comfort of our home. We can't even get the bolts off to have it welded so we can use it again. Trash bill will be another $20.00 otherwise we won't be able to get rid of it. I say save your money and get a better machine, and a better brand.

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Mar 23, 2013
Horizon E701 is poorly designed
by: Greg Tsouprake

We have a Horizon E701 that needed a little TLC after about a year - the socket for the power cord needed to be replaced. I was disappointed at the cheap construction and parts (strike 1 against Horizon) but I'm mechanically and electrically adept, have a great set of tools and thought it would be easy work. How wrong I was. After spending multiple weekends on it I've found that there is no way to take it apart (without breaking things so strike 2) to get to the wiring harness or the electro-mechanical system to repair or replace the necessary parts. Now I've got a machine I paid over $600 for that only lasted about a year and now its a big piece of solid-waste (strike 3). I'll buy another eliptical but it won't be from Horizon - (you're out).

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