Kettler Unix PX didn't last long

I bought one of these 3.5 years ago. I deliberately bought a German made elliptical as all of the various Asian ones I had had before failed in about a year's time. Recently I got an E1 error code on the interface which was unusable. Kettler told me that it was probably both the motor and the computer, and that both would cost me over $300 (and I would have to install them). I had really hoped that this would be a quality product, lasting more than 3.5 years. Failing that, I would have expected competent technical support, but the people with whom I interacted were seemingly reading from a script and did not have any technical knowledge. Very disappointing.

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Jan 29, 2017

by: All Ellipticals

Sorry to hear about your experience with Kettler ellipticals. We usually hear good things, but as with everything else, sometimes you end up with a "lemon".

Also surprised to hear about the poor customer used to be quite good, but perhaps it's gone downhill.

Let us know if you buy another elliptical trainer and what your experiences are. Thanks for sharing!

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