Nordic track free stride trainer FS7i

by James
(Michigan )

I purchased my NordicTrack FS7iI over the phone from Nordic track which I know now is actually icon fitness. I received it on December 3, 2015 and I have been doing the Mount Rainier work out which is preloaded on the machine every other day for the past couple months. First about me I am a 60+ Male in reasonable shape from running and was looking for something for the winter months when consistent training is hard in Michigan.I never really liked treadmills so the free strider looked like a good alternative. I love the machine it's quiet and I find it as close as you can get to running without the impact. However the software and implementation are poor. It started with registering my machine which took most of my morning, and waiting for a response from customer support. I sent an email to NordicTrack support on December 8, 2015 almost 2 months ago and I have sent a second email and have yet to get a reply.A couple of the issues I have found or have questions about are why the manual recommends you unplug the machine after you use it? Why I can't email my workout to myself(was able to use this feature only once successfully). Truthfully I wouldn't buy a toaster that you had to unplug after you used it every time so this recommendation in the manual is kind of disturbing. Also much of the screen and memory on the console is devoted to trying to sell you a i fit membership which I have read some bad reviews about online. So my take is this, buy the machine for the work out but forget the I fit membership and as far as I know customer support doesn't exist.

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