NordicTrack Audiostrider Pro990 and ICON's Customer "Support" (Lack of!)

by Phil
(Cumming, GA)

Sure wish I'd have taken the trouble to do a little searching before buying my NordicTrack AudioStrider 990 PRO elliptical. I was impressed by the 990 when I looked at it at Sears, especially the fact the track goes up to 40% incline. Anyway, bought it online from Icon, shipped it to my house, and assembled it myself without problem. Went to do a test drive and the deck would not change incline. Called Icon, and a tech came out (yes, I purchased the extended in-home warranty) but was unable to find what was wrong and fix it. He said to replace the console. After about 10 days of no news, I left a v/msg for the tech and called Icon customer support. Interestingly, the replacement console was not ordered until the same day I called the tech, approx 10 days after he'd been to my house.

First console never arrived (if in fact it had actually been shipped), so I contacted Icon again and the second console finally arrived about 3 1/2 weeks after the tech visit. Replaced the console and voila, it did NOT fix the problem. Called and left v/msgs for the tech several times (never called me back) and contacted Icon again.

Now, some new parts are being ordered and sent to my house and once I get them, I am supposed to contact the tech who does not return my calls to set up an appointment. And I almost forgot, I was told by Icon they were issuing a SFO/SFU? to the tech which meant he was supposed to contact me within 24 hours. Guess what? Nothing.

So here I am with an elliptical that does not function like it's supposed to, like why I bought it in the first place (the incline), and all I get from Icon is it's their choice to repair or replace based on the warranty in the instruction manual that came with the 990 when it was delivered. Funny thing though, a warranty isn't really effective if it's not part of the initial bargain so as Icon is ignoring my request to just come get their machine and refund all the money I've spent, I guess my only option is to take them to court where they will spend thousands of dollars defending against my claims under GA's lemon law, breach of implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purpose. And American companies wonder why they are having problems????

I used to own one of the original cross-cuntry skiers, and thought the NordicTrack 990 Pro would be of the same high quality. If I had found and read these comments, I doubt I would have bought the 990, seeing as there are other fitness equipment manufacturers with better reputations for standing behind their products.

I am really tired of all the run around from Icon. Maybe all of us should get together and file a class action against Icon Fitness. Bet that would get their attention.

Bottom line, do not buy a NordicTrack or any product made by Icon Fitness.

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