Nordictrack E15.0 Elliptical Problems - Wish I Had Never Bought from NordicTrack

by Shannon
(Scranton, PA)

Nordictrack has HORRIBLE customer service, horrible. We bought the NordicTrack E15.0 elliptical, the newest NordicTrack model and it came to us BROKEN. My husband put it together alone in 3 hours, only to hear a loud grinding sound coming from the front part of the machine (which we did not put together).

We were--still are--afraid to use it. We left our phone number with customer service at 9pm (we're from Pennsylvania). At MIDNIGHT we got a phone call from customer service. It woke us and our children up. For some reason, this customer service rep. had us unscrew one of the covers on the front of our new machine. The screws were set in deep and I raced down cellar to find longer screw drivers. It took my husband 14 minutes to take the one cover off, while I was holding the flashlight. This rep. had the audacity to tell us (we had speakerphone one) that it was taking us too long and he "could have made 2-3 calls in this amount of time". OH MY GOSH. I was furious. He then told us that we would need to call back in the morning. So he obviously did realize the time. My husband calmly told him that it didn't make sense to leave us with our machine open. The rep. wouldn't waver from saying that we needed to call back in the morning. My husband asked him to at least put us down for needing a technician. The rep. reluctantly agreed. It was so bizarre. Also--my husband DID quickly take off the cover as the rep was telling us he needed to go. So the rep asks us, "What is the problem"? We DON"T KNOW! Luckily we did see that the flywheel was grinding against a metal post inside the machine.

So this is a serious problem and we can't use our new machine. ...I call a rep (I can't even understand him well) the next morning at 8:30am--Usman was his name. He told me he'd look into who was calling us at that hour and get back to us. He never did. Meanwhile, we also had another cracked piece of plastic when we opened the box.

So--long story short--the long story includes 3 emails to customer service that were not responded to, 2 live chat sessions where nothing was done because "it was not their department", not even being able to reach the correct extension on one of the customer service numbers off their website, and leaving my number and finally getting a call back today--5 hours after I left my number this time.....

Anyway, we have to WAIT FOR THE TECHNICIAN TO RECEIVE THE BROKEN PIECE replacement. That can take 10 days. Once he gets that, he'll come out to take a look at our machine. He has 3-5 business days to even contact us once we made the request. I have been so mad about this whole situation. AWFUL. We also didn't get an Ifit access card and the only way to get the machine's serial number was by my husband pulling the machine up while I took a flashlight and wrote down the number. I Freaking HATE NordicTrack and wish I had never bought from them.

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Apr 11, 2012
More of the Same
by: Jim N.

Bought this machine in late February 2012 after reading several reviews. I used the machine exactly once. I then calibrated the machine, as instructed, and did a firmware update. Well, the firmware update crashed the computer. I called customer service and was told it would be an easy fix: "We'll send you a new thumb drive to reinstall the software." That was almost three weeks ago. I call and I'm given promises of a delivery date. Delivery date passes with no contact and no thumb drive. I call again, I get told, "we don't know when you'll get it." I now have a machine that I spent well over $1600 on, and used it once. It is now a useless 280 pound hulk. Stay away from NordicTrack. They'll bend over backward to get your money, then blow you off when they have it. NordicTrack customer service is terrible.

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