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Feb 10, 2012
Joseph, Frame (1) was covered for me
by: snak

I had the exact same problem, and it was due to a defective weld at the base. They sent me a replacement part. This part is clearly the frame. Try to get a supervisor and send them to this website if they complain.

ICON's service policies are the worst of any exercise equipment I have ever owned, sad to say.

You may be better off, as I did for the right upper body leg (6), to get someone to weld it locally for you.

The frame is a chore to unbolt, and the bolts are sturdy, so if you use a proper allen wrench, you should be able to take it all apart. It was a full afternoon's work to take the frame apart for me.

Download the manual (do a Google search for this model number) if you don't have one.

Feb 08, 2012
Broken (1) Frame - Refused Warranty - HELP?
by: Joseph

I have had this unit for just under two years and haven't had any problems. Pretty abruptly last week I felt the front start to wobble during a workout. Within minutes the entire unit started leaning to the right and felt as if the entire unit might break. I noticed the front weld in the part #1 FRAME was seperating, and because of that the frame also had a small crack. When I called the company, and spoke to both customer service for NordicTrack and the Product Resolution team for ICON, they both told me that the part #1 FRAME was NOT under warranty, and only the #2 FOLDING FRAME was considered in the lifetime warranty.

It's pretty obvious that this part breaks a lot, so they've stopped shipping out replacements. But I do have a question I am hoping to get an answer for. For anyone who has replaced the frame, how did you get the front frame apart from the folding frame? It's screw 107, 108 and they are screwed into the Frame Bushing 64. I feel like that are glued in there, and I'm nervous I'm going to strip out the bolts.

Any suggestions or similar experiences?

Oct 07, 2011
An addition to my review
by: snak

One very annoying design flaw is that the main post is held into the base by 4 screws that do not tighten it enough. After any moderate use, the unit will start squeaking very loudly as the post chafes back and forth.

No amount of tightening will fix the problem. I have not done it yet, but it really needs either to be welded or a few more bolts tapped into it.
Will probably drill a couple more bolts lower on the post to see if that helps.

You may not have any issues if you use the unit in very low settings.

They go 1-8 and I use 8.

Don't think they properly tested this.

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