NordicTrack Pro 990 Autostrider Consumer Experience

Approximately 2 months ago I purchased a 2012 NordicTrack Pro 990 Audiostrider elliptical. I had no problems assembling it, but the track itself never raised or lowered, which, given the advertised up to 40% incline, was one of the primary reasons I bought the machine.

I contacted customer support, and a technician came to my house (I'd purchased the exended in-home warranty). The tech was unable to pinpoint the problem, and recommended I order a replacement console as that was, in his opinion, the most likely cause of the malfunction. After not receiving the console for about 10 days, I called ICON Fitness and left a v/msg for the tech. Interestingly enough, the day I left the v/msg for the tech was the day ICON got the order for the replacement console. ICON sent the first replacement via UPS to my local post office, which then was supposed to deliver the console. Well, as the console never showed up, I have no way of verifying whether ICON actually sent a repalcement console or not. I contacted them a second time and a second console was sent, again UPS to my local post office (why not just to my house instead of the post office is a question begging to be asked - makes no sense). The second console arrived, I replaced it, and voila! Did not correct the problem. I called back into customer support, and the rep told me they were sending a SFO/SFU to the local tech and he was supposed to contact me within 24 hours. Never heard from him. Now have been informed new parts are being mailed to me and once I receive them (if I receive them) I am to contact the tech and schedule an appt. I have since asked ICON to simply come get their machine and refund my purchase, shipping and warranty, but they refuse citing to a warranty in the instruction manual that came with the machine saying they have the option to repiar or replace the machine. Funny thing is, a warranty is only effective if it's part of the initial bargain/contract. Since Icon is refusing to pick up and refund, looks like my only remedy is to take them to court, which will cost them a lot more than simply refunding all my money to me. (And we wonder why American businesses are having such a hard time...)

As the above clearly shows, I, a former owner of one of the original NordicTrack cross-country skiers, can in no way, shape or form recommend purchasing any NordicTrack equiment from Icon. The fitness industry is far too competetive to invest in equipment which does not work, and when it comes time for a company to stand behind it, simply gives you the run around and avoids responsibility. Do not buy any NordicTrack products (I should have paid attention when the salemen in Sears told me they'd been trying to get their demo model of that 40% incline treadmill you see the ads on TV repaired for over a month).

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