ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical Trainer Consumer Comments

by FJH
(Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,US)

I purchased a ProForm 18.0 RE Elliptical Trainer and when it was shipped I noticed the box was just a little fractured, not much!

When I opened up the box and started putting together the machine I noticed that the whole rear housing around the motor was shattered. I had to re-order 4 pieces immediately to finish the set-up. I also noticed small ball bearings coming out of the box (I have not yet experienced the ramifications of that yet).

When I called to re-order the broken pieces, the marketing rep wanted to sell me additional insurance right away before really hearing what I had to say (it already comes with a 3 years parts, 1 year labor warranty). I found this to be tasteless and frankly it mad me a bit angry because I feel I was shipped a broken product.

As I spoke with the rep further he told me that if I did not have insurance the 4 plastic pieces that make up the housing would have cost me over $500.

I do not think that they should try so hard to push their insurance on us (the consumers) when they should be thinking on how they can service their customers better, and stand behind their product that they are selling. For everything that is purchased today the sale price does not reflect a warranty insurance package. How about if they include the warranty insurance in the sale price so we(the consumers) can decide whether or not to buy at their fully posted price!

Is there anyone out there that agrees with me???

I would rate this a 4 out of 10 (10 being the best service)


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UPDATE: September Elliptical Sales are on! 


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