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Matrix elliptical trainers are quickly making a name for themselves in the high-end cardio machine market with a brand new lineup for the residential market.  With two elite suspension ellipticals and two ascent trainers, along with three different console choices, there is something for everyone if you have the budget.

High End From a Well Regarded Brand

Matrix Elliptical Trainers

Matrix ellipticals are manufactured by Johnson Health & Fitness, one of the largest exercise equipment companies in the world.  The company also makes the popular Horizon and Vision lines.

Previously just a commercial line found in high end health clubs, spas, hotels, YMCA's and universities, the company recently introduced a line of treadmills, ellipticals and indoor exercise bikes for the home market, featuring the same attention to detail, ergonomic design and rock-solid construction.

The current lineup consists of two suspension ellipticals (the E30 and E50) and two ascent trainers (A30 and A50) with three different console choices: the base LCD XR, the 10" touch XER and the 16" HD touch XIR. So you can choose the console that best fits your needs.

The Suspension ellipticals are compact and offer the most natural, smooth movement.  ExactForce induction brakes give you easy quiet transition from one resistance level to the next and the Suspension technology without wheels or tracks gives it a consistent, noise-free feel.

The E30 and E50 give you a 20" stride, 20-30 levels of resistance, 325 lb weight capacity, tons of extra features and a very generous warranty.

The Ascent Trainers also offer ExactForce and Suspension technology but add PerfectStride motion that allows for the ideal motion as you adjust your incline to target different muscle groups.

The A30 and A50 give you a 20-24" stride and 24% to 54% power incline, and can accommodate up to 350 lbs.  Extras and warranties are solid as well, just like on the Suspension trainers.

What the Professionals Say

So far the reviews have been great and the pros are very excited about the fact that Matrix ellipticals are now available in residential models.  The company is doing what Life Fitness and Precor have done successfully for several years now...bringing gym quality, commercial machines into the home environment for those who want the same quality and experience they have when they're at the health club.

The four Matrix ellipticals are beautifully designed with the latest technology behind them, and the fact that you can customize the consoles (like Life Fitness) makes them that much more appealing.

If you have the budget (these machines are not cheap) and want the best of the best for your home gym, Matrix ellipticals are a really great choice.

Buyers Advice

If you're interested in a Matrix elliptical, Johnson Health runs special sales throughout the year on various models (currently up to $400 off) so take advantage of those reduced prices if possible.

These are very similar to the machines you find in high-end gyms and health clubs, so if you've ever used one there you can expect the same quality workout on their residential units.

The company has great customer service, especially compared to other brands, so buying online is not an issue.  You can always reach the company if you have any questions.

Matrix ellipticals are currently on sale


Matrix E30

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 Commercial Grade

 Superior Design

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 Advanced Technology

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Matrix A30

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Matrix E30

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