The Matrix E50 is a Gym-Quality Cardio Machine

The E50 is the upper end model in Matrix's new Suspension Elliptical line, built specifically for the home market using all of the same components and ergonomics that the commercial line is known for.  You are truly getting a health club machine right in your home gym.  A step up from the base E30, this one is sure to be a big seller for the company.

What You Get

The Matrix E50 elliptical is strong and compact, with exclusive technologies built in that you don't find anywhere else, even on the commercial level.

Let's take a look at some of the best features...

Matrix E50 Elliptical Trainer
  • Exact Force Induction brakes
  • 20" fixed stride length
  • Dual action handlebars
  • 30 resistance levels
  • Suspension elliptical technology
  • Contact and wireless heart rate
  • 325-lb. User Capacity
  • Unit Weight/Dimensions — 293 lbs; 57.5"L x 29.5"W x 67.8"H
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 7 years parts, 2 years labor

The Word on the Street

Matrix Elliptical Console Options

Reviews on the new Matrix home ellipticals have been very positive so far, as the company is really putting a lot of effort into ensuring that the quality matches their commercial line as closely as possible.

The E50 elliptical is built strong and durable, with several unique technologies built in to ensure the best possible workout.  For starters, you have the Exact Force Induction Brake System, a smooth resistance system that offers enhanced performance while remaining whisper quiet. It is a step up from the system used on the base E30 model.

With Suspension Elliptical Technology, the motion is smooth and natural as there are no wheels involved, reducing noise and friction.

You also get iFit workout tracking that allows you to keep tabs on your fitness results, share them with friends and family and sync with your favorite apps.

The E50 gives you a fixed 20" stride and 30 levels of resistance, 10 more than on the E30 model.  It also has Sprint 8 interval training, an exclusive workout program that delivers maximum results in a short amount of time.

One of the most appealing features of the E50 and the rest of the Matrix home lineup is the fact that you can choose from four different consoles to customize the machine, something you rarely find elsewhere.  There is a basic XR display, an XER 10" touch screen, an XIR 16" HD touch screen with browser. and a top of the line XUR 22" premium console.  The three touch screens cost a bit more than the XR but definitely worth it in our opinion.

The different consoles give you different options and functionality, so go through them closely to decide which one is right for you.

The basic XR gives you 5 workout programs. The XER adds speakers, fitness apps and 14 workouts. The XIR and XUR have all of the same features as the XER plus a web browser.

Regardless of which console you choose, the E50 is a rock-solid elliptical with plenty of features to keep you motivated to workout.  It's compact yet durable, and will provide years of use for you and your family.

How does the E50 Compare to the Other Matrix Elliptical Trainers?

The entire Matrix elliptical lineup is top notch, and any model you choose will be a great choice.  But you might be wondering how the E50 compares to the E30 as well as the two Ascent Trainers.

The E30 and E50 are both compact models that those with smaller gym spaces will definitely appreciate.  They are very similar, but the E50 has the more advanced Exact Force Induction brakes and 30 instead of 20 resistance levels, as we mentioned above.  You also get a better warranty on the E50, as it is a more durable machine.

So the E50 is a step up from the E30, and if you can swing the additional $300, it's worth it to get those additional features and stronger warranty.

When comparing the Matrix E50 to the A30 and A50 Ascent Trainers, that's where you'll see a big difference.  The Ascent Trainers are about the size of traditional elliptical machines, i.e. they don't have the same compact footprint as the E30 and E50.  So again, if space is an issue, your only choice is the Compact series.

However, size is really the only "downside" of these machines.  The A30 and A50 give you an adjustable stride of 20"-24", as opposed to the fixed 20" stride on the others.  They also give you incline capability that the compact Matrix ellipticals do not have.  So there is increased versatility with the Ascent Trainers, as well as higher max weight capacities.

So we would say that if room and budget are a concern, opt for either the E30 or the E50 with the basic consoles and you'll be more than happy.  If budget is more open, opt for one of the more advanced consoles.

If space is not a concern at all, and your budget is more open, then the Ascent Trainers will give you much more freedom of movement and stand up to much heavier usage.  Pair them with one of the better consoles and you have yourself an amazing home elliptical machine.

Our Thoughts on the E50 Elliptical

You can't go wrong with the Matrix E50 elliptical.  Although it is more expensive than a mid-tier machine, especially with the advanced consoles,  in our opinion it is well worth the price for what you are getting.

If you want a little more flexibility in terms of stride, check out the A50 Ascent Trainer which has all of the same features but a 20-24" adjustable stride as well as 24-54% incline capability for better muscle targeting. Keep in mind that it does have a larger footprint.

Again, all four of the Matrix ellipticals are excellent choices, very similar to their commercial models and packed with features and capabilities that will keep you motivated to work out more often and reach your fitness goals.

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