The Proform 320 Elliptical Machine – A Trainer as Plain as it Gets

The Proform 320 elliptical machine is one of many produced by Proform, a division of ICON Fitness. These machines fall into the no-man’s land of elliptical trainers that are above the strictly budget machines below $300 but below the $1,000 ellipticals that many can’t afford. It’s a niche market that they’ve filled with numerous models.

The Proform 320 is one of the least expensive elliptical machines Proform offers, so it’s pretty streamlined. You’re getting basic performance and equipment because you’re paying just under $300. Features include:

Proform 320 Elliptical Machine
  • Upper body workout
  • 10 resistance levels
  • 8 programs
  • LCD display console
  • Hand grip pulse monitor
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Cool Aire fan
  • Warranty: 90 days

As you can tell, this is as plain as it gets. You aren’t getting much, but it’s functional.

The Word on the Street

Trainers have consistently expressed their disapproval of this model. Because ICON Fitness owns the company, some of the more expensive models have benefited from the innovations of ICON’s development team, but the Proform 320 hasn’t reaped any benefits. It’s a lightweight elliptical machine that wobbles and professionals don’t feel it’s safe or efficient.

UPDATE:  The ProForm 320 has been discontinued and isn't being sold anymore.  You can see all of the newest models available here: ProForm Elliptical Machines

People who have purchased the Proform 320 elliptical machine complain about how loud it is, which is bizarre since they tout the Silent Magnetic Resistance system. Plenty of consumer reviews tell you that you can’t use it and listen to music, watch television or even shout a conversation on this elliptical trainer.

Our Thoughts

Proform has its place in the industry – they have produced some acceptable elliptical trainers under the $1,000 mark. This $299 model isn’t one you should consider, though. It’s poorly put together and shimmies apart quickly.

With a paltry 90 day warranty, you’ll run into repair bills and lots of upkeep that wind up making your Proform 320 elliptical machine a surprisingly expensive (and seldom-used) dust catcher.

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UPDATE: Year End Elliptical Sales are on! 


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