The ProForm 1050 E Elliptical – One of the Better Designs

The ProForm 1050 E elliptical is a smooth rear-drive machine with adjustable stride settings to help you enjoy the most comfortable workout. The 40-degree Power Intensity Ramp™ will ensure that you stimulate more muscle groups for the best workout possible.

What You Get

The high-resolution backlit Grafixx™ graphically display tracks speed, time, distance, pulse, and calories. The digital resistance gives the user a smooth, frictionless, and silent operation.

The features on the ProForm 1050 E elliptical include:

Proform 1050 E Elliptical Trainer
  • 20 Quick Resistance™ Levels
  • 19" to 24" Adjustable Stride Length
  • 10 to 40-degree Super Ramp™
  • In-Handle One-Touch™ Controls
  • 24 workouts
  • Dual-Grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
  • Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 Speakers
  • iFit® Workout Card Technology
  • CoolAire™ Workout Fan
  • 325 lb. User Capacity
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 1 year parts & labor

*iFit cards sold separately.

UPDATE:  The 1050E is an old model and is no longer available.  It has been replaced with all new rear-drive machines.  Check them all out here.

The Word on the Street

Trainers and equipment pros like the ProForm 1050 E elliptical’s big 40-degree Power Intensity Ramp™ which helps to isolate and target the upper legs including the glutes and quads, from the back and lower legs in the hamstrings and calves. This is similar to the type of workout you get on the commercial machines at the health club. This advanced workout also gets you in your Target Heart Rate Zone for a quality cardio session and fat burning workout.

The Proform 1050 E is a new model for 2010 and the first elliptical reviews on it are nearly all enthusiastic. The new 40° ramp gives the user a killer workout, and the adjustable stride can be set between 19" to 24" stride lengths for a better individual fit. Overall, it’s a stable machine that accommodates people weighing up to 325 lbs giving the user a tremendous workout.

Our Thoughts

Despite all the positive first impressions of new owners (who haven’t had it long enough to report design problems), the $999 Proform 1050 E trainer is a nice starter machine but it isn’t one we would buy.

Buying an elliptical that costs less than $1000 is a very risky adventure since there is no way to build an exercise machine with low quality cheap parts. How reliable is it going to be after taking a daily beating from overweight individuals?

Hence, the short warranty – ICON Fitness doesn’t want to risk replacing wearing parts after one year. While the ProForm 1050 E elliptical is one of the better Proform designs to come down the line in a long time, it doesn’t cut it against better machines in the $900 to $1200 price range such as the Horizon EX 77, the Sole E25, and the new Yowza Navarre elliptical.

A Yowza Navarre might cost a few hundred more, but it’s worth it for the quality, mechanical design, electromagnetic brake, and incredible warranty.

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