The ProForm 650T SpaceSaver Elliptical - Good for Light Workouts

The ProForm 650T SpaceSaver Elliptical is a rear flywheel trainer that matches its sister machine, the 650 cardiocross, in quality and appeal. It’s a good beginner’s machine but not meant for the serious workout buff.

What You Get

The elliptical’s console displays speed, time, distance, pulse and calories burned, and has 10 workouts designed by a certified personal trainer. So far so good. The rest of the features of the ProForm 650T SpaceSaver include:

ProForm 650T SpaceSaver Elliptical
  • 13", 15" and 18" StrideSelect technology
  • 10 workout programs
  • Dual grip EKG™ heart rate monitor
  • Silent magnetic resistance
  • Upper body workout arms
  • Workout fan
  • iPod/MP3 compatible; crystal clear sound system
  • Spacesaver folding design
  • 275 lb. user weight
  • Lifetime warranty on frame; 90 day on parts and labor; 7 year warranty on resistance mech/flywheel

UPDATE:  The 650T SpaceSaver is no longer being sold.  You can check out all of the current models on here.

Icon Fitness/ProForm has put a lot of effort into their patented 1-Step SpaceSaver® technology which allows the base and pedals to fold up, thereby saving you all of three feet of floor space. But you have to ask, so what? They should have focused their budget on including a heavier flywheel and giving the 650T a better ergonomic design.

The Word on the Street

While the experts take note of all the “extras”, such as sound system and heart rate monitor thrown in on the ProForm 650T SpaceSaver, the main issue remains that this elliptical trainer is constructed with some cheap components. The 90 day warranty on parts and labor is feeble and ProForm likes them short like this - believing, of course, that you’ll be happy to buy an extended warranty from the company. Customer service is notoriously bad and getting replacement parts can be a nightmare.

On the plus side, consumers like that the ProForm 650T SpaceSaver elliptical trainer offers three different stride lengths which means you can target the front quads in the 13" setting, the gluts and hamstrings in the mid-range 15" length, and then the hamstrings in the longest stride. And the MP3 plug-in is a cool feature but that about takes care of all the snazziness.

Our Thoughts

For an elliptical trainer listed at $899 MSRP that usually sells for around $599, the Proform 650T Spacesaver will not break the bank but if you are looking for a machine that can take a beating you may want to spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

We can only recommend the ProForm 650T SpaceSaver elliptical if you plan on using the machine for light workouts a couple of times a week.

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