The ProForm Smart Strider 535 - A Budget Folding Model

The ProForm Smart Strider 535 is a smart looking foldable elliptical priced around $600.

What You Get

The Smart Strider 535 is a budget model that looks great and boasts the benefit of a quick out of box assembly so you can be working out within minutes of receiving the trainer. There are 18 digital resistance settings that can be used to vary the training and make it more intense or easier to suit the rider’s needs.

There is the ability to use your iPod® and plug it direct into the trainer which is paired with Intermix Acoustics™ for a great sound to listen to your favorite music. Included on the fully moveable handlebars are soft grips for comfortable use of the handles to increase the workout using your upper body. 

Let's take a look at the specs...

Proform Smart Strider 535
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • 18 digital resistance levels
  • 13lb inertia enhanced flywheel
  • 18 workout applications
  • Out-of-box easy assembly
  • IPOD® compatible to listen to your own music
  • Intermix Acoustics™ for great sound
  • Space-Saver design for easy storage
  • EKG™ grip pulse to measure heart rate
  • Oversized pedals
  • LCD monitor
  • Adjustable levelling feet
  • Stride adjustment available
  • Lifetime frame, 1 year parts and labor warranty

The Word on the Street

Proform Smart Strider 535 Console

UPDATE:  The 535 was discontinued and replaced with the new Smart Strider 495 CSE elliptical in 2017.

The ProForm Smart Strider 535 is probably not the best elliptical on the market but reviews show that it does what you would expect from an elliptical in the $600 region.

Reviewers have commented on how good the space saver design is because many people avoid purchasing ellipticals because they cannot be stored and need a lot of space. So this design means you can fold it to a smaller footprint when not using.

One of the negatives on all of the models, including the 735 and the top of the series 935 elliptical, is the relatively short 18" stride.  Although this can be OK for average height individuals, those who are taller, especially those over 6', will find the motion a little uncomfortable.

Also, the Smart Strider 535 does not come with the popular iFit technology, an interactive program with additional workouts, tracking, sharing and Google map integration found on the other Smart Striders and all other current elliptical models.

You do get more features as you move up the lineup, and the Smart Strider 935 does have a web-enabled touchscreen and wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring, but as a whole this series lacks much of the technology that ProForm has put into their other ellipticals.

Our Thoughts on the Smart Strider 535

The ProForm Smart Strider 535 model is by far a low budget model. It does the basics and that it does okay, but it does look a little cheap machine and from the reviews it sounds like it functions as a cheap machine too. But when paying $600 for a trainer you cannot expect much.

Also it has some good points; there is a good range of workout applications and the benefit of being iPod® compatible but the 13lb flywheel will not provide enough resistance for an experienced or trained user.

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