The ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE is an All New Elliptical

The ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE is one of three new ellipticals in the series introduced for 2017, with upgraded features from previous models making it very appealing.  It's a nice step up from the 495 CSE base model.

What You Get

The 695 CSE is made of commercial gauge steel and features a rear drive foldable design, with a Round Watts display showing you exactly what Power Zone you are in for optimal training.

Let's take a look at some of the best features...

Proform Smart Strider 695 CSE Console
  • SMR™ silent magnetic resistance
  • 20 digital resistance levels
  • 18 inch stride
  • 18 lb. inertia enhanced flywheel
  • 24 workout applications
  • SpaceSaver® design
  • Round Watts display
  • iFit® Coach ready with Google Maps™
  • Grip heart rate monitoring
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • 0-10 degrees adjustable incline
  • iPod® compatible with 2-inch speakers
  • Lifetime frame, 2 year parts and 1 year labor warranty

The Word on the Street

Proform Smart Strider 695 CSE Console

UPDATE: As of late 2020/early 2021 the ProForm 695 CSE and the rest of the Smart Strider ellipticals have been discontinued. You can read about all of the latest ProForm ellipticals here.


The Smart Strider redesign has received positive reviews from most experts in the industry, as they have upgraded many different features from previous models.

The CSE 695 elliptical sits right in the middle of the new model is a step up from the base 495 and a step down from the new CSE 895 model.

These ellipticals are essentially entry level machines designed for basic use.  They range in price from about $599 on sale to $999 for the high end model.  So these are more for beginners or light users who are looking to get into shape and lose a few pounds.

The CSE 695 does have a lot of nice features though.  You get iFit Coach, a full immersive program that gives you unlimited personalized workouts, tracking and sharing capability, meal suggestions and Google map track integration.

You also get a wearable activity tracking device, kind of like a fitbit, which is included for free with a yearly membership to iFit Coach (price varies).

In addition to that you get very easy can have the elliptical out of the box and set up by yourself within minutes.  SpaceSaver design allows you to fold up the machine after your workout and store it away with the transport wheels.

Other nice features include power adjustable incline up to 10 degrees, not found on the base 495 CSE model, soft grip workout arms, heart rate monitoring, oversized cushioned pedals, 20 resistance levels, 24 built in workout programs, SMR resistance, iPod compatibility and a cool air workout fan.

So the 695 has a ton of good features...but anything we didn't like?  Well, all of the Smart Striders have 18" strides, which are not ideal for taller users.  If you are on the taller side and you like ProForm ellipticals, take a look at one of the higher end models.

It's definitely a nice step up from the 495, but for our money we'd step up to the 895 for the touch screen with internet and wireless heart rate monitoring with free strap.  That one also has more workouts, more resistance levels and a better warranty.

Still, for just $799, you're getting a lot for your money with the Smart Strider 695 CSE.

Our Thoughts on the 695 CSE

If you're looking for an inexpensive, entry level machine the Smart Strider 695 CSE is a very good choice.  It has iFit technology, power incline, easy folding, lots of workouts and many extras such as a workout fan, leveling feet, cushioned pedals, iPod compatibility and more.

Still, with an 18" stride it is not going to be comfortable for taller users.  But if you are of average height it should be just fine.  We would spend the extra $200 however and go with the up-level 895 CSE model which has a lot more to offer.

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