Spirit Elliptical Machines - Moderate Price Range, Solid Design

Spirit elliptical machines are relative newcomers to the exercise equipment marketplace. The Spirit company has been manufacturing treadmills for over twenty-five years in its USA factories, but has begun production of their Spirit elliptical trainer line only within the past few years.

One of the most important features that Spirit Fitness emphasizes about all of their equipment is that they are only available through their own dealers who are specially trained and licensed. In this way, the company hopes to assure each buyer with the perfect fit for them and better service follow-up. They also offer machines online, again through licensed representatives.

Focus on Quality and Solid Design

Spirit elliptical machines are designed to be stylish workhorses. The company focuses first on quality and solid engineering, but also pays attention to most shoppers’ desire for an attractive piece of exercise equipment. They have developed five different types of elliptical cross trainers to fit most budgets and advertise them as being for anyone from the beginner to the serious fitness fanatic.

The current lineup consists of the XE195, XE295, XE395, XE795 and XE895.

All models feature a 7.5" blue backlit LCD display with adjustable console, at least 6 built in workouts, contact and wireless heart rate monitoring, 20 resistance levels, oversized well spaced pedals and 350-400 lb. max weight limits.

Spirit Elliptical Machines

Company Changes May Make a Difference

The company has been known in the past for the high quality of their made-in-the-USA products, especially their treadmills, but recently production has shifted overseas.

This is due to their recent purchase by Dyaco, an international fitness manufacturing company that is also behind Spirit’s branching out into new lines, including elliptical cross trainers. It’s too soon to tell whether there will be change in quality, but so far consumers have been pleased with the quality of the ellipticals.

Take a look at the full lineup here: Spirit Residential Ellipticals

Solid Warranty

The most commonly praised feature is the warranty – Spirit elliptical machines are backed by a solid warranty on most of the parts and the company responds quickly to any inquiries with no problems sending replacement parts if needed. The exemplary service of their dealerships is also still in full force.

The Bottom Line

The limited purchase options can be either a pro or a con, depending on your point of view.

Some fitness experts prefer the extra service and expertise of trying out a machine with a knowledgeable rep, while others feel this makes for a “hard sell” situation. This is really a matter of preference.

Order Online

If you can’t find a dealer near you, there is still an option to buy one online, so it isn’t as limiting as it sounds.

Most fitness pros agree that Spirit elliptical machines are most successful for the at-home user looking for an elliptical trainer in the moderate price range. For a solid, well-built performer, Spirit brand elliptical machines are a safe bet.

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Spirit Elliptical Model Reviews

Spirit XE195 - the entry level model with a 20" stride, 6 programs and 20 resistance levels.  Ideal pedal spacing and inversion.

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Spirit Elliptical Machines

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Spirit XE295

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 Solid Warranty


Spirit XE195

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