The ProForm XP 420 Razor Elliptical - Half the Width of Other Machines

The unique marketing approach of the ProForm XP 420 Razor elliptical is its narrow (3.75 inch wide) stance. This is about half the width of other machines and if you’ve ever felt awkward straddling a wide elliptical trainer you’ll know what we’re talking about. Icon fitness, the maker of ProForm, is targeting small women looking for a better ergonomic feel. Hence the name: ProForm XP 420 Razor, as in razor-thin.

What You Get

ProForm elliptical trainers tend to include more bells and whistle than are necessary for a sub-$1000 machine. But while they are generous in terms of a flashy display and training programs, they are deficient in other areas -- name quality components.

The features of the ProForm XP 420 Razor elliptical include:

ProForm XP 420 Razor Elliptical Trainer

  • Adjustable stride length
  • Perfect Motion Technology™
  • 6 workout programs (4 personal trainer; 2 target toning)
  • Digital resistance
  • Target pacer
  • EKG™ heart rate monitor
  • Workout fan
  • 90 days parts/labor

The Word on the Street

Beginners may be very satisfied with this unit but heavy users should definitely avoid it. Experts feel that quality and reliability have been sacrificed in the ProForm XP 420 Razor, and the warranty slapped on these budget ProForm ellipticals is especially weak. The company sells far too many of these units and doesn’t want to have to cover all the potential repairs and replacement parts with a good warranty, so they keep it short at 90 days.

UPDATE:  The XP 420 Razor is no longer being sold.  Check out the latest ProForm elliptical reviews here.

On the plus side, lightweight users like the target pacer (which tells you if you’re going too slow or too fast) which is a nice key feature and they report satisfactory results overall.

However, other owners of the $599 Proform XP 420 Razor elliptical have issues with the noise from the plastic flywheel and the pre-assembled part, and the belt having too much lateral movement. Consumers also warn potential buyers that if you don’t find an AC adapter to purchase along with your unit, don’t expect the 4 D-batteries to last long.

Our Thoughts

Like their treadmills, Icon Fitness builds Proform budget ellipticals for casual users who don’t workout much. In fact, even Runner’s World magazine categorizes the company’s equipment as “light duty” machines.

While the Proform XP 420 Razor’s programs and display console look like it’s giving you good value, the cheap components under the hood are not going to hold up to continuous use.

For a compact footprint and quality budget machine, hands down we would recommend you consider the Schwinn 430 (also priced at $599) over the Proform XP 420 Razor elliptical.

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