Vision S7100 Elliptical Consumer Review

by Glenn
(Ontario, Canada)

I have not found any user reviews of this machine.

I compared it to some other machines and determined that the Vision S7100 Elliptical was the right machine for me.

I compared it to the
1. Precor 5.25
2. Octane Q37ci
3. LifeFitness X3

It is very hard to determine a best machine by testing them at the store but what I found was:
1. The Vision S7100 was less expensive than the others.
2. It was much quieter than the Octane and Precor.
3. The Premier console, (which I got), was more advanced than the others.

What I have found:
1. The machine is quite heavy and appears to be well built. This is good, since it is very stable, but bad if you have to move it around. It does have wheels on the front, so you can move it by lifting the back. But the back probably weighs upwards of 50 pounds.
2. The machine truly is very quiet. It is almost silent. You can easily watch TV and hear it with the volume at a normal listening level. I have it in my basement, on a concrete floor, perhaps that has something to do with it.
3. The Premier console is very good. It has a built in calendar that keeps track of your usage, by days, weeks, and months. It allows for several users, I think it is 4 or 5. These were features that were important to me. I do not believe any of the other machines had these features.
4. I have not tried all of the programs that it has, but ones that I have work well. Not all of the programs have warm ups and cool downs.
5. The "suspended elliptical" movement seems to work well. I have not used the machine for more than 30 minutes at a time, so I may not have run into the numbness and sore knees and joints that some people complain about with other machines.
6. The machine does not have an adjustable stride length, like the Octane Q47ci. The change in stride length is just a side effect of changing the incline. I have found that the 20" stride length at the lowest incline seems to work fine.

I have not found anything to complain about with the machine. The machine is living up to my expectations.

I wanted an elliptical that was quiet, comfortable to use, with a console that tracked usage. The Vision S7100 with the Premier console does all of this.

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