The New NordicTrack C 12.9 is a Solid Elliptical Trainer

The NordicTrack C 12.9 is another new elliptical trainer introduced for 2016 along with the C 9.5 and Commercial 14.9.  At around $1299 on sale, this one has a lot of great features and capabilities, as most of the company's ellipticals do.

What You Get

The C 12.9 has a 7" web-enabled touchscreen, so in addition to checking all of your workout stats such as distance, calories, time and incline you can watch videos, chat with your friends or check your social networking pages.

Let's take a look at the specs...

NordicTrack C12.9 Elliptical
  • Front driven flywheel mechanism 
  • 7”color, web-enabled touchscreen
  • iFit® enabled (tracking, training, maps)
  • 26 resistance settings using SMR® technology
  • 35 workout applications
  • 0-20 degrees power incline
  • AutoBreeze workout fan
  • iPOD® dock 
  • 18-20” power adjustable stride
  • Wireless heart rate strap included
  • Lifetime frame, 5 years parts and 2 years labor warranty
  • 350 lb. Max user weight 

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The Word on the Street

NordicTrack introduces new models very often, and discontinues others that were recently introduced.  So it can get a little confusing after a while as often you'll see an elliptical for sale one day, and the next day it is no longer available.

Still, the company does try to give you as much as possible without charging a lot, so we can forgive them for making it difficult for us to keep track of the current lineup. :)

The C 12.9 has been well received so far, and it does give you a lot of features for the money.  It joins 3 other brand new models:  the base C 7.5, the C 9.5 and the top of the line Commercial 14.9.

In addition to the web-enabled touch screen, which seems to be appearing on more and more models, you get an 18-20 inch stride, 26 different resistance levels, up to 20 degrees of incline and 35 built in workout apps.

One of the most popular features is something called iFit, which is an ICON Fitness exclusive that gives you even more professionally designed workouts, Jillian Michaels training, tracking/sharing capability and Google map integration to simulate working out anywhere in the world.

Other companies have come out with similar interactive programs, but iFit remains the most comprehensive and entertaining.

The NordicTrack C 12.9 is also the only elliptical besides the up level Commercial 14.9 to feature a free wireless chest strap for more accurate heart rate readings.  This is a nice touch usually reserved for more expensive machines, and something that really helps keep you in your ideal zone.  It also has a heavy 32 pound flywheel, an upgrade from 25 on the C 9.5.

Other nice features mentioned in most reviews include iPod compatibility with good sound coming out of the dual 2 inch speakers, an AutoBreeze workout fan that syncs to the intensity of your workout, easy one-touch adjustments and an adjustable tablet holder.

Our Thoughts on the C 12.9 Elliptical

The C 12.9 looks like a nice addition to the front drive elliptical series, with some great features and nice capabilities to keep you excited about your workouts.

You get incline, a lot of workouts, plenty of resistance levels plus iFit to take your workouts to the next level.  You'd be hard pressed to find all of that for under $1500

Also take a look at the new C 9.5 for a few hundred less, but the 12.9 has it beat in many areas.  You can also look at the top of the line Commercial 14.9, but besides a larger touch screen it doesn't have that much more.

The NordicTrack C 12.9 elliptical offers a lot of remains to be seen whether it will becomes one of our Best Buy choices.

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