The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical Review - New Top of the Line Model

The Commercial 14.9 is the current high-end trainer in NordicTrack's front drive elliptical series, joining two other new models.  

This one features a large touch screen, Bluetooth technology and enough workouts, incline and resistance levels to satisfy even the most demanding user.

Let's get into our review to see how this elliptical stacks up...

Commercial 14.9 - What You Get

The 14.9 has a 14" Smart HD touch screen that provides all of the relevant workout stats as well as interactive training and maps of trails all over the world.

It has both stationary and moving handlebars to vary your workout, and oversized cushioned pedals to reduce impact on your joints.

Here are the most  important specs...

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical With 10" Smart HD Touch Screen
  • Front drive 32-lb flywheel
  • 14" Smart HD touchscreen
  • iFit® enabled (tracking, training, maps)
  • 26 resistance settings using SMR® technology
  • Tons of workout applications
  • 0-20 degrees power incline
  • AutoBreeze workout fan
  • 20” power adjustable stride
  • 10 year frame, 2 years parts and 1 years labor warranty
  • 350 lb. Max user weight 

What's the Word on the Street?

So far, the NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 has received very positive reviews from both experts in the industry and users.  

Although it is the top of the line model it is still under $2,000 or so on sale which is really a great price given all of the features and capabilities that it offers.

You'll notice that it is very easy to assemble with a redesign that allows you to set it up much faster right out of the box.

It is very similar to the new Commercial 12.9 model, except that it has a 14" web-enabled touch screen rather than a 10", which really does make a difference.

The Commercial 14.9 comes with iFit technology, which gives you access to a number of personal-trainer designed workout programs, tracking and sharing capability, as well as Google maps so you can choose any location in the world to train.  

The machine actually adjusts its incline itself automatically to match the terrain which is very cool.

You get a heavy 32 lb. flywheel which makes the motion very smooth and quiet, 26 resistance levels, up from 22 on the base Commercial 9.9 model.

You have a 20 inch power adjustable stride, oversized adjustable pedals, and tons of built-in workout programs, on top of the additional ones you can access through iFit.

Everything can be adjusted with the touch of a button on the Commercial 14.9, including your incline and resistance, so you don't have to break your stride to make adjustments to your routine.

There's a nice AutoBreeze fan, a water bottle holder, tablet holder and transport wheels. It's really amazing how much they are able to pack in without charging a lot of money.

How Does the Commercial 14.9 Compare to the Other NordicTrack Ellipticals?

There are three machines in the Front Drive Series, and the Commercial 14.9 is the most advanced of all of them.

You have the entry level Commercial 9.9, the Commercial 12.9 and finally the Commercial 14.9.

When deciding which one to choose, it really comes down to what your budget is and what exactly you are looking for.  

If your budget is tight then look at the C 9.9.  It has fewer workouts and resistance levels and lighter flywheels, but for basic usage by one or two individuals they are just fine.  

If your budget is a little more open, then the Commercial 12.9 and Commercial 14.9 are going to be your better choices.  They're heavier, stronger and can accommodate higher weights, so they're a very good choice for multiple/heavier/taller users.

The Commercial 12.9 and Commercial 14.9 have larger 10" and 14" touch screens, respectively, but either is a good choice.

What about the 14.9 compared to the other NordicTrack ellipticals like the FreeStride Trainers and Space Savers? That's a much harder comparison to make, as they all operate differently.  

You are better off reading about each one and deciding which style you prefer.  Then you can make a decision as to which one to choose.

NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Review - Bottom Line

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 hits all the right notes, with a boatload of features and capabilities at a very affordable price.

You get nice incline, plenty of resistance levels, a ton of workouts, iFit technology and a lot of adjustability and comfort features.

Of all of the new front drive models, this one and the Commercial 12.9 are definitely the best choices, although the C 9.9 will also give you a web-enabled touch screen at a lower price point.  

All of the models are worth checking out and offer great value compared to other similarly priced brands.

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The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 is currently on sale

 Tons of Built In Workouts

 Power Incline

 26 Resistance Levels

 iFit Workouts

 Touch Screen Display


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