The Horizon EX-57 Elliptical Trainer

The Horizon EX-57 elliptical trainer offers you a solid elliptical trainer for just under that magic price point of $1000 that seems to be the cut-off for budget machines. The usual list price is around $900, but you can get it for less if you watch for sales on Amazon and other sites.

What You Get

The Horizon EX-57 elliptical trainer is a replacement for a few of Horizon’s earlier machines. Although the features are essentially the same, the console has been updated. It looks better and allows you to easily navigate and track time, calories and distance.

The frame is one of the best features on any Horizon elliptical machine, and there’s no exception here. The Horizon EX-57 elliptical trainer has a sturdy frame that will last for years and can take a beating. Some of the casings and components like the foot pedals, however, are now a cheaper grade of plastic than was used on earlier models.

Horizon EX-57 Elliptical

Features of the Horizon EX-57 elliptical include:

  • 18” Stride length
  • 8 Levels of Resistance
  • Magnetic brake resistance
  • 9 Programs
  • Water bottle holder
  • Contact heart rate grips
  • Pivoting footplates
  • 14 lb. Front flywheel
  • 275 lb. user capacity
  • Warranties: lifetime frame/brakes, 1 year parts and labor

The Word on the Street

Horizon EX-57 Console

UPDATE:  The EX-57 elliptical has been discontinued and replaced with the new and improved EX-59 model.  Read our review here

Experts have noticed that the Horizon EX-57 elliptical has upgraded the look of the console and made it more intuitive for users. They have a mixed opinion on whether the new look translates into better performance.

The electronics seem to be hit or miss; while plenty of them work fine, there are quite a few consoles that need to replaced or repaired early on.

At-home users agree that the frame has more heft and stability than they thought they could get in a budget machine, and they overwhelmingly approve of the new look of the console.

Despite a fairly limited resistance range, most consumers feel they get a good workout at a reasonable cost.  

A few complained that the cheap plastic foot pedals were uncomfortable, and more than one user has commented that the heart rate monitor is so inaccurate they simply don’t use it.

Our Thoughts

The Horizon EX-57 elliptical is a reliable piece of equipment if you want a solid performer for the average workout. It’s also an attractive and relatively small trainer, making it ideal for someone with an apartment or smaller home. The crucial ingredients, including an 18” stride and strong, smooth gliding arms, are all there.

Where the Horizon EX-57 elliptical falls short is in the details. When Horizon updated the design, they cheaped out on some of the fittings. Plastic covers that don’t fit snugly and a heart rate monitor that seems more inaccurate the harder you work out are both disappointments.

If you want basics and dependability at a good price, the Horizon EX-57 elliptical trainer might be your machine, but if you want an elliptical that will run on all four cylinders and is picture perfect right out of the box, you’ll probably be disappointed. Consider spending a few hundred more and jump into the moderately priced market.

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