The Sole E95S Elliptical Review - Impressive Adjustable Stride

The E95S is a relatively new addition to the impressive Sole Fitness lineup, offering the most adjustability of all of their ellipticals.  

This is a solid machine with quality features that are sure to impress, and definitely worth a look for your home gym.

Sole E95S - What You Get

The Sole E95S features a new 10.1" TFT LCD display offering all of the relevant workout metrics, a heavy flywheel for smooth operation and even more durable construction than the lower end models in the series.

Let's take a look at some of the important specs...

Sole E95s Elliptical With Adjustable Stride
  • 18-24" Adjustable Stride Length
  • 10 Workout Programs
  • Polar Chest Strap and Wireless Heart Rate
  • MP3 jack + speakers
  • Cushioned, Slip-Resistant Pedals
  • 400 lb. user weight capacity
  • Bluetooth tracking
  • Dimensions/Weight: 84"x 70"x 32" - 265 pounds
  • Eddy current brake system
  • 10.1" LCD Console
  • Warranty – Lifetime frame, 5 yrs parts and electronics, 2 yrs labor

The Word on the Street

Expert reviews on the new Sole E95s have been favorable thus far, as they appreciate the new stride flexibility.  

The fact that you can now adjust the length from 18" all the way up to 24" is a nice feature to have, especially since ellipticals are not one size fits all.

As hybrid machines are becoming more and more popular these days, e.g. half stepper, half elliptical (like the new Sole SC200 Stepper) or elliptical/stepper/treadmill combinations...the Sole E95s gives you a little taste of that, as 24" really opens up your stride, similar to the motion on a treadmill, and 18" is more of a stepper motion.

Besides the stride length, the E95s is very similar to its counterpart the E95, and both models recently received a redesign incorporating new Bluetooth technology. 

This allows you to track and share your workouts by syncing them with sone of the most popular fitness apps.

The E95s has a heavy duty flywheel, which makes the motion very smooth and natural. It has oversized foot pedals which are adjustable and also articulate, with an inward slope to reduce impact on your knees and joints siginificantly.

The frame is strong and built of a heavy gauge steel, and it can accommodate up to 400 lbs., which speaks to the solid construction.

You also get a very good warranty...lifetime on the frame, 5 years on the parts and the electronics, and 2 years on the labor.

How Does the E95S Compare to the Other Sole Elliptical Trainers?

Sole E95S Console With Bluetooth Workout Tracking

In addition to being one of the newest Sole ellipticals, the E95S is currently the only trainer in the lineup that has an adjustable stride. 

All of the other models, from the base E25 all the way up to the top the line E98, have a fixed 20" stride.

That is ample for most people, but if you are very tall or there are multiple users in the household, you might prefer the adjustability as it allows you to target the leg muscles differently.

As far as other features and capabilities, the Sole E95S is nearly identical to our All Ellipticals Best Buy E95, and both are some of the most advanced models in the series.

Let's take a brief look to see how the E95S compares to the rest of the series...

The least expensive model offered is the entry-level E25, which offers a 20" stride, 20 lb. flywheel, 20 degrees of incline, a 350 lb. maximum weight and a 6.5" LCD display console.

Stepping up you have the E35, with a 25 lb. flywheel, 375 lb. max weight and a larger 7.5" LCD console.  It also adds 3 position adjustable foot pedals.

You then have the compact E55, which gives you all of the features of the E35 with a more space-friendly design, but an even larger 9.0" LCD display.

Towards the top of the lineup is the popular E95, with a 27 lb. flywheel, heavier 400 lb. max weight and the largest available display, a 10.1" TFT LCD.  It also gives you 10 position adjustable foot pedals.

As you've read about above, the Sole E95S is essentially the same elliptical as the E95, but with the adjustable 18" - 24" stride capability.  

So when you're looking at the E95 vs E95S, they look very similar.

Lastly, at the top of the heap you have the E98, which is a light commercial version of the E95, with the heaviest 32 lb. flywheel and even more gym-level construction and durability.

So as you can see the Sole E95S is one of the higher end ellipticals in the lineup, with a heavier flywheel, higher max weight capacity and larger display than most of the others. 

It can definitely handle heavier use by multiple individuals, and is a very solid choice for the home gym, especially if you like the idea of an adjustable stride.

Which Sole Elliptical Should You Buy?

All of the Sole ellipticals are designed to give you a great workout and put you in the ideal position while minimizing impact on your knees and joints significantly.

As such, you can't go wrong with any of them, and your choice should be based on what your budget is and what your needs are.

We love the E95 and the E95S here at All Ellipticals, so if these are within your budget they are definitely a great choice. 

They give you the heavy flywheels for smooth operation, they can accommodate the heaviest weights and the consoles are the most advanced. 

You also get the strongest warranties as these are more durable elliptical trainers.

However, if you don't have the budget, the lower end models are perfectly fine for home use. 

Although the entry level E25 is definitely more of a lighter use option, the E35 and E55 can handle regular use by more than one individual. 

The E55 is the most compact Sole elliptical, so if space is a real concern that's going to be your best bet.

As far as the top of the line Sole E98, that's a great choice but you don't necessarily need a light commercial elliptical in your home gym, unless of course there are a lot of you banging away on it on daily basis. 

Although it is pricey, it's certainly a lot less expensive than some of the other club quality machines out there, so if you are looking for a workhorse the E98 is a great option.

Otherwise, we would lean towards the E95 and E95S, or probably the E55 if we were on more of a budget.

Sole E95S Review - Bottom Line

The E95s continues Sole's tradition of providing well-built, well-designed ellipticals at an affordable price.  

Although at the higher end of their offerings at just under $2000, you get a high quality machine with impressive adjustable stride, incline capability, wireless heart rate monitoring and a nice array of built in workouts to choose from.

Now that they added Bluetooth capability to this machine like they did on all of the others, it's even better than before as you have the ability to sync your workouts with the Sole app or a few other popular fitness apps, which helps you keep track of your progress.

The Sole E95s is impressive and a welcome addition to the lineup.  It's a solid elliptical that is built to last.

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