The Sole E98 Elliptical Review - Great Choice For Home

The Sole E98 elliptical is the company's true, light commercial machine designed for use in health clubs as well as home gyms.

It is built rock-solid, and great for multiple users or just one or two users who use the machine regularly.

For those in the market for a durable, gym-quality elliptical with great cushioning, built in workouts and incline training, the E98 is well worth considering.

Let's dive into our review to see what this powerful trainer is all about...

Sole E98 - What You Get

The heavy duty steel frame and precision balanced, 32 pound flywheel ensure a ride just as smooth as any you'll find in the local gym. A generous power incline system works with just a touch of a button.

The real difference in this model is the powerful steel frame and the fact that it's been engineered for light commercial use. The Sole E98 elliptical manages to look streamlined even though it's got a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Among the features you'll find on a Sole E98 are:

Sole Fitness E98 Elliptical - MultiGrip Handlebars and 10.1" TFT LCD Display
  • Eddy Current Brake resistance
  • 20" Stride Length
  • 10 Workout Programs
  • Anatomically Correct Foot Pedal Spacing
  • Contact heart rate sensors
  • Polar Chest Strap and Wireless Heart Rate Standard
  • MP3 jack + speakers
  • Cooling Fan
  • Cushioned, Slip-Resistant Pedals
  • 400 lb. user weight capacity
  • Dimensions/Weight: 67"H x31"W x82"L - 249 pounds
  • Residential warranty: Frame - lifetime; electronics & parts - 5 years; labor - 2 years
  • Light commercial use: Frame - lifetime; electronics & parts - 3 years; labor - 1 year

What's the Word on the Street?

Those who are truly serious about intense workouts will love the Sole E98 elliptical.

It was designed and built specifically for light commercial use, so it's quite heavy and unbelievably sturdy. Reviews acknowledge its power, but some owners felt that assembly was a bit tougher than it should have been.

Users commented frequently that this is very similar to the earlier models, which was uniformly loved before this model arrived on the scene.

It also seems like the Sole E98 is quickly becoming popular with small gyms and hotels that put this machine in their workout rooms due to the light commercial designation and a solid commercial warranty.

As of a couple of years ago, the E98 comes with the new Bluetooth technology like most of the other models, including the popular E95 model and the up-level E95s elliptical.  

This allows you to track your workouts and sync them to your favorite fitness apps like FitBit and Apple Health as well as the Sole Fitness app.

With incline capability, a heavy flywheel (smooth and quiet), a new 10.1" TFT LCD screen and an adjustable stride length up to 20", the E98 is a real winner.

How is the E98 Different Than the Rest of the Sole Elliptical Lineup?

Sole E98 Console With 10 Built in Workouts and Bluetooth Tracking

There are currently six traditional Sole elliptical trainers, and the E98 is the top of the line model. 

All of these machines are very well made and designed to put you in the ideal position while you work out, but the E98 is more of a club model than the rest of the machines.

Let's take a look at all of the models to see how the Sole E98 compares to the rest...

E25 (Base Model)

The E25 is the entry level model in the series, at around $999 on sale. You get a 6.5" LCD display, fixed 20" stride, 20 incline levels, a 20 lb. flywheel and a 350 lb. max weight capacity.


The E35 gives you a larger 7.5" display, heavier 25 lb. flywheel and a 375 lb. max weight capacity, along with 3 position adjustable pedals and all of the rest of the features that the E25 offers.


The E55 is the most compact Sole elliptical machine, and bumps you up to a 9.0" LCD display along with the heavy 375 lb. max weight of the E35.


The Treadmill Talk Best Buy E95 is more advanced than the other models, with a 27 lb. flywheel, 10.1" TFT LCD display and an even heavier 400 lb. max weight capacity.


The "S" version of the E95 is nearly identical but gives you an adjustable stride from 18-24", giving you more flexibility and ideal for taller individuals.


As you've read about above, the E98 is essentially a more commercial-grade version of the E95, with the heaviest 32 lb. flywheel and club quality construction and components.

So as you can see the Sole E98 is going to be the most advanced elliptical in the lineup, giving you all of the benefits of the popular E95 but with a heavier flywheel and even more solid, durable frame.

Which Sole Elliptical Should You Buy?

When trying to decide which Sole elliptical to purchase, consider your budget as well as your needs.  All of the models are well-priced and well appointed, so you really can't go wrong regardless of your choice.

That said, We would only opt for the Sole E98 elliptical if you think the machine will see some very serious use by multiple individuals on a regular basis.  As we discussed, it's a gym-quality trainer, so it might be more than you need for your home gym.

Our favorite elliptical in the lineup is the Sole E95, which gives you just about everything you need for about $600-$700 less than the cost of the E98. 

You get the same large LCD display, a heavy flywheel, incline capability, Bluetooth workout tracking and wireless heart rate monitoring.

So that would be our choice if we had to choose. 

If you are more of a beginner and it's only you using the machine, and you're of average size, you may be able to get away with one of the lesser models: the Sole E25 is a great choice as far as entry level ellipticals are concerned, and you can get a nice mix of features on the E35 and E55 as well.

For really tall individuals, or those with variously sized household members, the E95s is the only elliptical with an adjustable stride as opposed to the fixed 20". 

That's worth a look as well if that describes your situation.

So to sum up: For very heavy use the E98 is a great choice.  If you want the best all around machine go with the E95. 

If you want to save money look at the E25.  And lastly, if you're very tall consider the 18-24" adjustable stride of the E95s.

Sole E98 Review - Bottom Line

There are very few differences between the new Sole E98 and earlier models. The flywheel is about two pounds lighter in the newer model, which hopefully won't alter the feeling of stability.

We also noted that the moving handlebars for the upper body workout have additional hand grips set farther out from the main handlebars, giving users more flexibility for hand positioning.

Also check out the E95 and E95s as well, as both of these models were recently redesigned and are a bit cheaper than the E98.

The Sole E98 is a great elliptical, built to last with minimal maintenance required.  A great choice, especially under $2500.

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