The TRUE M30 Elliptical Machine is a Powerful Home Cardio Trainer

The TRUE M30 elliptical is the company's entry level model built for the residential market.  Featuring the patented space-saving mid-drive design, it's packed with great features that make it the ideal choice for your home gym.

Let's take a closer look....

What You Get

All TRUE ellipticals are Core Drive machines, meaning the drive system is in the middle of the machine, as opposed to the rear and front drive models that you are probably more accustomed to.  This design saves a ton of space, and also puts you in a more natural workout position.

The M30 comes with Cardio 360, a virtual training coach that puts you through a full body workout to target all muscle groups, as well as Heart Rate Cruise Control, which keeps you in your ideal range throughout your entire workout.  A Polar Heart Rate Wireless Chest Strap is included as well.

Let's look at some of the specs...

TRUE M30 Elliptical Trainers
  • 21" Stride
  • Cardio 360 technology
  • Patented core drive system
  • HRC Cruise Control
  • Polar Heart Rate Monitor Included
  • Transport Wheels
  • Dual action upper body handlebars
  • Side Steps For upper body isolation
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • 300-lb. User Capacity
  • Unit Weight/Dimensions — 275 lbs; 42" x 30"

The Word on the Street

Customers seem to be very happy with the TRUE M30 elliptical, and it has received numerous Best Buy Awards over the years from leading consumer magazines, along with the up-level M50 model.

The most popular features seem to be the Cardio 360 and the Heart Rate Cruise Control, both of which help take you to the next level and ensure that you are getting the most out of your workouts.

The small footprint is also a key feature...typically the heavy-duty machines tend to be big and bulky.  This one will easily fit in your basement no matter what the space constraints are.

The machines are very well built, offering a gym quality workout right at home, and customer service seems to be a lot better than many of the other popular brands out there.

The up-level TRUE M50 is very similar to the M30, except it has multi grip handles that let you change up your hand position while you workout and cushioned footpads.  Either one is a good choice though.

How Does the M30 Compare to the Other TRUE Elliptical Trainers?

True Transcend Touch Screen Console

At any given time there are a handful of different TRUE elliptical trainers, and all are more compact than traditional models.  You currently have the entry level M series, the mid-level Performance Series and the top of the line ES Series.

Let's take a look at all of them so you can see how the TRUE M30 compares to the rest of the elliptical in the lineup...

M Series

As we mentioned, the M Series consists of the M30 and the M50...

The M30 is the most compact in the series, with a 21" stride, Cardio 360, HRC Cruise Control, Core Drive, wireless heart rate, the Emerge LED display and a 300 lb. max user weight capacity.

The M50 gives you all of the features of the M30, plus as we mentioned adds multi-grip handles for additional hand positions and orthopedic foot pads for enhanced cushioning.

Performance Series

The mid-level Performance Series consists of just the 300, previously called the PS300.

The Performance 300 gives you everything that the M50 offers, plus the addition of 12 built-in workout programs for more diversity, extended hand rails, removable footpads, accessory tray, a higher max user weight of 350 lbs. and a longer parts warranty.

ES Series

The top-end ES Series consists of just the ES700...

The ES700 gives you everything that the Performance 300 has, plus an additional 9" touch screen Transcend console option with Bluetooth capability, AutoStride technology to help you find your ideal pattern, and an adjustable stride length from 16" to 27".

So when it comes to the M30 vs the M50, both are the most compact ellipticals that TRUE offers, but the M50 gives you upgraded handles and footpads.  Otherwise they are nearly the same.

Moving up to the Performance 300, you get a more durable machine with handrails, built in programming, higher max weight and a stronger warranty due to the machine's stronger build.

Lastly, when you get up to the ES700, you get to choose a more advanced touch screen display with even more workouts, tracking and other capabilities that the Emerge console does not offer.  You also get an adjustable rather than a fixed stride.

Which TRUE Elliptical Should You Choose?

If space and budget are a major factor, then definitely opt for one of the M Series ellipticals, as they are the most compact models that the company offers and also are the least expensive, at around $2,700 and $2,900, respectively.

The M50 does give you the multi grip handles and more comfortable footpads, but if you don't need those features save the money and stick to the M30.

The Performance PS300 is a better choice if the machine is going to see some more serious use, or if any of the users is on the heavier side.  It also gives you the extended handrails like you find on a treadmill, which gives you an additional place to put your hands while you work out.  That one is around $3,700, so around $600 more than the M50.

Lastly, if your budget is more open, the ES700 is a fantastic choice, as the touch screen display really expands its capability with tracking, sharing and even more built in programs.  

You also get the cool AutoStride feature and the ability to choose your own stride from 16" all the way up to 27", which is very impressive and something you don't typically find.

The ES700 is on the pricier side, at around $4,700+, which is $1000 more than the PS300.  It's another $600 for the more advanced console as well.

Our Thoughts on the TRUE M30

The TRUE M30 is a great elliptical, and you really do feel like you are at the gym when you step up on it.  It's ergonomically designed and built very strong, giving you confidence that it will last a very long time in your home gym.

It is on the pricey side, at around $2,800 on sale, but you certainly do get what you pay for here.  If you want to really push yourself to work out at your highest level, and you can afford it, it's well worth the price tag.  TRUE ellipticals are some of the best you'll find.

Also look at the PS300 and the ES700 if you want a more advanced machine and don't have the budget of space constraints in your home.

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