The Octane xR6 Elliptical Trainer – A Seated Elliptical/Bike

The Octane xR6 elliptical trainer line-up is a truly unique product. These exceptional machines are the only seated elliptical trainers on the market, making them ideal for users who may have back pain issues. You get the same upper and lower body workout without any strain on your lower back or hips.

Octane Fitness has also added some great features to the Octane xR6 that allows you to get a really great full body workout. The price tag, however, is steep; you’ll pay between $3200 - $3800 depending on the model.

What You Get

The Octane xR6 elliptical trainer is a hefty machine, coming in at over 244 lbs, but it takes up a surprisingly small amount of floor space, so it will work well in most homes. The sturdy construction and exceptional design means you’ll have this machine for years.

The standard two rails for the elliptical footpads are replaced with four rails, which give you greater stability and an exceptionally smooth glide. The Octane xR6 also offers a unique cross training program you won’t find with other cross trainers, including a muscle resistance program and upper and lower body workouts that you can do independently to focus on trouble spots.

Features you’ll get with an Octane xR6 basic model include:

Octane xR6 Elliptical Trainer
  • 16 Levels of Resistance
  • Fixed 17.5” Stroke Length
  • Seat height and tilt adjustment for customizable comfort
  • 5 Pre-set Programs
  • Reading rack
  • Water bottle holder
  • Contact heart rate grips
  • Cushioned, pivoting footplates
  • Front flywheel
  • 300 lb. user capacity
  • Muscle endurance program
  • Chest and leg press routines
  • MOM mode restricts movement and locks pedals for safety when not in use
  • Warranties: lifetime frame, 3 years parts, 1 year labor

The Word on the Street

The reviews are mixed on this elliptical trainer. While plenty of health and fitness pros really love the Octane xR6 because of its versatility, others feel that if you’re going to spend this much money on a machine, you might as well go with a professional, gym grade model from one of the leaders, such as Precor.

Home users generally love the Octane xR6 elliptical trainer if they’ve purchased it because it’s a seated elliptical machine. While some people love the chance to add muscle endurance and upper and lower body strength training to their workouts, others say they don’t use these features.

For many people with back problems the reality is that they don’t need or can’t use these added features, so they seem extraneous.

Our Thoughts

If you’re looking for a seated elliptical trainer, Octane is your answer. It’s too bad that the answer comes at such a high price. The warranty is average – not bad, but certainly not exceptional, which can be problematic when you pay this much money.

We love the quality and range of movement provided with the Octane xR6 elliptical and the upper and lower body workouts, which can be done independently. These are terrific if you’re in decent shape and want to get in great shape.

But let’s face it – if you’re looking for a seated elliptical machine, chances are you won’t be taking full advantage of an intense workout opportunity. The Octane xR6 elliptical trainer is a mixed bag that may be worth it if you can buy it on sale or need a seated elliptical trainer, but it’s otherwise overpriced.

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UPDATE: New Year's Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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