The Octane XR6000 XRide is an Amazing Seated Elliptical

The xRide xR6000 is a recumbent elliptical trainer from Octane Fitness. Designed as a total body workout machine, the it offers upper body as well as lower body strength and conditioning programs.

What You Get

The xR6000 is available with two different consoles. The standard console has an LED display that shows all of the essential workout data in an easily readable format. The slightly more expensive Touch console has a 15" full-color touchscreen display where you can watch instructional workout videos.

The key features of the xR6000 include...

Octane XR6000 Recumbent Elliptical Trainer
  • PowerStroke technology 
  •  Multi-grip handlebars 
  •  Soft-grip pedals
  •  Adjustable seat 
  •  30 resistance levels 
  • Up to 16 built-in workout programs 
  •  400 lbs user weight capacity 
  •  Lifetime frame, five-year parts, and one-year labor warranty

The Word on the Street

The xR6000 weighs well over 300 lbs, but is a lot shorter and narrower than most other recumbent machines. The convenient step-through design makes it easy for you to get on and off the elliptical.

The machine offers you two console options – a standard console and a touchscreen console. The standard console is budget friendly and has 16 workout programs.

The touchscreen console costs more and comes preloaded with 11 training programs. It also has a 3-speed cooling fan, which is not available with the standard console. Both consoles are very easy to operate, even if you are a beginner.

The xRide’s seat is designed for functionality and comfort. It is fixed at a 45° angle, which opens up your hip flexors and puts less strain on your lower back. You can also adjust the seat’s tilt (five settings available) and height (20 different positions available).

So, whether you are short, tall, lanky, or bulky, you can adjust the seat any way you want for a comfortable workout. The wide range of seat height and tilt options also allows you to target and strengthen different muscle groups.

The USP of the XR6000 is the 16" PowerStroke technology. It allows you to extend your legs fully and engage more muscles than you normally do. According to studies, users show over 300% increase in glute muscle activity while working out on the xRide. They are also able to generate 22% more mechanical power and burn off 23% more calories than when working out on a normal recumbent machine. It is a fantastic feature and it makes the xRide stand out from the rest of the machines in its class.

The Workout Boosters are yet another reason why users seem to absolutely love this machine. There are three different booster programs available – chest press (upper body workout), leg press (lower body workout), and muscle endurance (cross circuit training). You can activate the appropriate program at the touch of a button.

You can work the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and arms using the multi-grip handlebars. You can keep your feet on the platform or the stationary foot pegs for an upper body-only workout.

The large-sized pedals grip your feet firmly for a comfortable lower body workout. They also offer a number of foot placements to help you target different groups of muscles in your lower body.

The Octane XR6000 allows you to track your heart rate using contact sensors or a wireless chest strap. The chest strap is not included in the package. However, when it comes to heart rate tracking, chest straps are a lot more accurate than contact sensors. So, it is advisable to buy one, especially if you are into heart rate training.

Our Thoughts on the Octane XR6000

The xR6000 exceeded our expectations. It is solidly built, ergonomically designed, and very easy to use. The addition of new technology like PowerStroke and Workout Boosters is a huge advantage, as it helps you attain your health and fitness goals a lot faster.

The xRide, as you would expect, is priced higher than many other machines in its class. The machine, however, is truly top-notch and offers a lot more than a run-of-the-mill elliptical trainer or recumbent bike. Plus, the machine is well made and will last you a lifetime. So, the price tag, in this case, is justified in our opinion.

The xR6000 is a beautifully engineered piece of equipment. It puts less strain on your body, gets you better results, and is very durable. If you are looking for a dependable high-performance recumbent machine for your home gym, this is a great choice.

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