Best Ellipticals in the
$1000-$2000 Price Range (2024)

The $1000 to $2000 price range is by far the most popular, as it really opens the door to some high quality machines but doesn't break the bank.

You can find some really wonderful elliptical machines in this range, with tons of features and capabilities and the latest technological features.  Of course, you can also get quality under $1000, but going above the $1000 mark will widen your possibilities, and is certainly worth a look.

Although we cover almost every brand on the site, to make it easier for you we only include the most popular ones on our comparison charts, along with a few standouts from less popular manufacturers.  That way you have the perfect selection to choose from, and you can choose the ideal elliptical that will meet your needs.

We arrived at our best ellipticals under $2000 by weighing features, capabilities, workout programs, comfort, design and overall value.  We've narrowed it down to these great options.

We start with the most popular ellipticals at the TOP and work down from there.




Best Model: E95

Best Features: Impressive Incline, Quiet, Well-Designed, Oversized Pedals, 20" Stride, Music Dock, Solid Warranty




Best Model: FS10i

Best Features: Incline, Smart HD Touchscreen, Comfort, Generous Stride, iFit technology, Tons of Workouts, Entertainment, Solid Warranty



Best Model: Pro HIIT H14

Best Features: Interactive touch screen, iFit technology, adjustable strides, tons of workouts, 26 resistance levels

Best Ellipticals Under $2000 - Which One Should You Choose?

Those are our picks for best ellipticals in the $1000-$2000 range for 2023.  They offer a lot more than you get from ellipticals under $1000, with additional capabilities and comforts.

Need a little help deciding which one to buy?  You're not alone. Sometimes it's hard narrowing it down.

If you just want to best overall elliptical in the price category, with the perfect combination of features and capabilities, definitely go with the Sole E95.  It's been a top pick and a best seller for many years now, and you can't go wrong with a Sole elliptical.

If you want more bells and whistles, and want a more open adjustable stride, then look at the NordicTrack Commercial FS10i. It's not as durable as the E95, but there are more entertaining/motivating features built in.

The ProForm HIIT Trainer is a bit different from the others, more like an elliptical combined with a stepper for a unique workout. 

Remember, you're going to get a lot more as you get closer to $2000 level, so if you can stretch to the top end of this range you'll likely be much happier with your purchase.  Still, there are plenty of good options between $1000 and $1500 for you as well.

If you're still deciding take a look at our Best Ellipticals page to see all of our expert's top picks by price and type. That will give you a lot of great machines to choose from.

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