Best Ellipticals in the
$3000-$4000+ Price Range (2023)

If you're looking for an elliptical over $3,000, you're at the very high end of the market with the cream of the crop, gym-quality trainers.  You can expect the best of the best...machines loaded with the latest technology, most durable construction, maximum comfort and adjustability, and top-of-the-line features.

Here we give you the very best ellipticals in the $3000-$4000 price range and beyond, so you can narrow down your choices and choose the ideal machine for your needs.

There are a number of brands that offer elliptical trainers in this price range, but here we include those that offer the most value, and those that offer a choice of top machines with high ratings and customer satisfaction.

We start with the most popular ellipticals at the top and work down from there.




Best Model: A30

Best Features: Rock-solid construction, Power stride up to 24", industry-leading 54% incline, 30 resistance levels, tons of workouts, console choices, great warranty




Best Model: E5

Features: Industry Leader, Super Quiet, Modern Look, Oversized Pedals, Fitness App Compatibility, Gym Quality




Best Model: TRUE M50

Features: Innovative Features, Compact Design, Heart Rate Programs, Industry Leader, Solid Warranty

Best Ellipticals Under $4000 - Summary

So there you have the best ellipticals in the $3000-$4000 range for 2023. These are the premier brands in the industry...companies that make gym-quality machines for residential use.

Which one should you choose for your home?

You really can't go wrong with any of these brands.  There are no bad models in any of their lineups as you might find when you're dealing with less expensive brands.  So it's just a matter of finding the machine that works best for you and has the features that you want.

In our opinion most people will be just fine with ellipticals in the $2000-$3000 range, as there are plenty of options there that will serve you well.  But if money is no object, you can certainly find a great elliptical over $3000 and beyond.

You'll notice that there are a number of options when it comes to Life Fitness, TRUE and Matrix.

Matrix has four different ellipticals currently; Life Fitness and Precor both have about half a dozen. TRUE has about 5.

Their entry level ellipticals start at around $2,000, and as you move up in the lineup you get more features and capabilities.

So once you get to their best ellipticals in the $3,000+ range, you're already into the more advanced models.

Let's look at the advantages of each brand....

Matrix Ellipticals

We like the Matrix ellipticals a lot, as they offer the newest machines with the latest technology. The company recently made the leap into the residential market, and their ellipticals are rock-solid and very similar to their health club counterparts.

You have two compact choices and two ascent trainers with incredible stride lengths. You also get three console options which allows you to customize the machines.

Life Fitness Ellipticals

Another great brand with a stellar reputation, Life Fitness offers a wide range of ellipticals for home use.

They added two new compact models, and recently upgraded their Club Series model with a touch screen display and loads of built in workouts. It's just a matter of choosing the elliptical that fits your budget.

TRUE Ellipticals

Similar to Life Fitness as far as model selection and industry reputation, TRUE also offers a lot of different ellipticals in their lineup.

Highlights include their variable stride, low impact, large number of workouts on some models and compact design.

We would recommend you start with Matrix and Life Fitness to see if one of their models has what you are looking for. Then look at TRUE next, followed by Freemotion if your budget is wide open.

Between the four you will definitely find what you are looking for.

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