The Benefits of Elliptical Exercise Machines

The benefits of elliptical exercise machines actually lie in a number of areas. There is no one reason why you should invest in elliptical trainers over other types of workout equipment – there are several reasons!

Elliptical Exercise Machines – Better Health Benefits

For the home user, the benefits of elliptical machines should first be looked at from a health standpoint. After all, this is the reason most people buy one. They’re an excellent choice because of the great results you get quickly and safely. How?

  • No impact on the joints. One of the greatest benefits of elliptical exercise machines is that you can work out without the usual pounding and wear and tear on the ankle, knee and hip joints. This reduces pain and injury.
  • More efficient workout. Most elliptical trainers include a built-in upper body workout. You are using all of the major muscles groups during your workout and so getting a better cardio workout in a shorter period of time than if you used a treadmill.
  • Builds bone density. Because you are supporting your own body weight, you naturally develop bone density, especially important in older individuals. Using an exercise bike won’t develop bone density.

More Practical Benefits

Other benefits of elliptical exercise machines include their practicality. Let’s face it, if you have to stash your elliptical trainer away in the garage and it’s hard to use, it will end up collecting dust.

  • Smaller footprint. This means elliptical trainers take up less floor space than treadmills. Rather than being the dominant feature in a room, they can be tucked into a corner of your bedroom or family room and used any time without overpowering the space.
  • Easy to use. An elliptical exercise machine starts working when you start and stops when you stop. It’s like walking or running, with a natural, easy stride. The upper body handlebars follow the motion naturally too, so you don’t have to concentrate on synchronizing your arm movements (remember those ski machines?).

More Interesting Benefits

What leads to exercise burn-out faster than anything? Boredom! Another one of the benefits of elliptical machines is variety! There are so many brands making so many different models, and each one offers different options to change up your workout.

You can change the workout program you’re using to fit your heart rate, your level of fitness or the type of “terrain” you would like to work out on. You can choose to use or not use the upper body handlebars on some elliptical machines. Some elliptical trainers also offer incline adjustment, pre-set programs that vary speed and resistance and even MP3 players to make things interesting and enjoyable.

With so many benefits of elliptical exercise machines, isn’t it time you took the next step and got one for yourself? Your body and your heart will thank you for it!

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