Coverting Strides to Miles on an Elliptical Machine

Question: I don't understand how to calculate the distance in strides converted to miles on a NordicTrack elliptical machine.

Is there a certain formula to use?

Answer: These days many elliptical trainers, especially the more advanced ones, will show you distance traveled on the console, so all you really need to do is scroll through the options to figure out how many miles you have reached at any point during your workout.

If this feature is not available, you can figure it out yourself.

Although it's not an exact science, to figure out how to convert strides into distance on your elliptical you need to measure the full length of your stride from front to back.

Once you have this number, convert it into feet and then divide it by 5,280, which is how many feet are in one mile.

The number you arrive at will be the number of full strides it takes to go a distance of one mile.

See "Convert Elliptical Revolutions to Miles".

Again, keep in mind that the number you arrive at will not be exact, but it will be close enough.

Also, if the elliptical has variable stride length this will change the calculation.

So make sure you are factoring in the actual stride length that you are using during your workout to figure out exactly how many full rotations it will take to reach one mile on your elliptical trainer.

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by: DMB

Note that all of the newer NordicTrack ellipticals show you distance along with many other important workout metrics, so you no longer have to figure these things out on your own.

The machine will take into account the actual stride length even if you adjust it throughout your workout.

If you come across an elliptical that doesn't give you this information, please let us know about it, because it's quite rare these days.

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