Fitness Gear 821E Elliptical Trainer

by Alley65
(Aurora, CO)

I had the Fitness Gear 821E elliptical for 91 days (that's one day after the 90 day parts & labor warranty had expired!) when the first piece on it broke.

I called the company and they said they had the piece in stock, but still took them 3 weeks to send it out. A month later, I replaced the piece and within four days the flywheel broke.

Called the company and they said they had the part and would send it out. Problem is that I didn't have any tool that would fix it. The elliptical is broke for good and they couldn't understand that.

So now I am stuck with a broken Fitness Gear 821E that I was only able to use for a little over two months.

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great machine
by: Anonymous

We have had the Fitness Gear 821E Elliptical Trainer for many years and have not had any problems. The only thing that has happened was that we tripped over the cord ( our fault )and broke the plug mounted in the front of the machine. The wiring harness in available for $49 at Treadmill doctor. I think I can just solder the wires together and by pass the broken plug. But it has been a good machine.

Fitness Gear is Out Of Business
by: All Ellipticals

Fitness Gear is no longer in business. If you are looking for a low cost elliptical check out our Best Ellipticals Under $500 section.

eliptical 831E
by: Anonymous

of all the luck, we had this machine for years as a coat hanger and this year decided to actually use it for its purpose and it broke in the first week

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