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Pacemaster elliptical trainers are built by Aerobics Inc., a company that’s been around since the 1960s.

Everything they do, every design they put out, is geared towards high performance and quality construction.

There are dozens of companies getting into the hot field of elliptical trainers so the competition right now is fierce.

Pacemaster has already established itself with its line of treadmills (including the highly regarded Spartan) and exercise bikes, and is now dipping its toe in the elliptical trainer market by coming out with one well-planned, high end model.

Pacemaster Elliptical Trainers

Why You Should Give Them a Look

Quality is the main feature of the solo machine, and will be the future focal point of the line of Pacemaster elliptical trainers—whenever they may appear.

For now, their current model stands out from the crowd in its innovative design in one key area: it offers a patented drive bar system separate from the glide bar system (which drives the footpads).

By separating the drive bar from the footpads, the user experiences a smooth, ergonomic ride with less stress on the joints.

Is a Pacemaster Elliptical for You?

UPDATE: Pacemaster is out of business, and as such they are no longer selling new ellipticals.

The website now redirects to the Treadmill Doctor, so I guess they bought it in hopes of attracting any Pacemaster customers looking for manuals, spare parts or repair help.

If you are looking for something in the same price category check out our expert's picks in the $2000-$3000 range.

Here you will find the very top ellipticals from brands like NordicTrack and Sole as well as some of the entry level and mid-range trainers from commercial brands like Life Fitness, Matrix and Precor.

So decide if you want a feature-packed residential model or something more club quality for your home gym.

Reviewers are giving Pacemaster’s debut model high marks across the board. It’s a beautiful machine with a low noise output, amazing ergonomic feel, and built with quality components.

The elliptical trainer’s console offers a dedicated display that shows your strides per minute to help you pace yourself for maximum calorie burn. It’s really a surprise that this kind of unique feature is not available on many high end machines.

At $2,999, this is one of the more expensive models on the market, which is why we found it odd that Pacemaster didn’t offer a better warranty here: Lifetime frame; 3 years parts; 1 year labor.

Reviewers are not able to calculate the reliability and durability of Pacemaster elliptical trainers, but we expect they will adhere to the same high standards they apply to their treadmills and exercise bikes.

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Pacemaster Elliptical Model Reviews

Pacemaster Silver XT Elliptical - Superior biomechanics and ergonomics, whisper quiet smooth ride, quality components; rated ‘Best Buy’ in reviews.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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