The Precor EFX 222 is the Mid-Range Energy Series Elliptical

The EFX 222 is the mid-range elliptical in Precor’s Energy Series. An upgraded version of the EFX 221, it retains the best features and adds movable handlebars for total body workouts.   

What You Get

The Precor EFX 222 has a high contrast blue and white LCD display with tap style dome keys showing all of your relevant workout stats such as target heart rate, calories burned, resistance, completion percentage, distance and time.

Let's take a look at the specs on this machine....

Precor EFX 222 Elliptical Machine
  • Cross Ramp technology
  • 15-25 degree incline
  • 16 resistance levels
  • 10 built in programs
  • High contrast LCD display
  • SmartRate heart rate monitoring
  • Movable handlebars
  • Tablet holder
  • iPod compatiblity
  • 2 User Profiles
  • 75" L x 29" W x 65" H
  • Warranty: Lifetime frame, 5 years parts and wear, 3 years console, 1 year labor

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Precor EFX 222 Console

The Word on the Street

The EFX 222 is a solidly built cross-trainer and industry reviews are very good. You notice the quality the moment you get on the machine. It is very stable and does not rock back and forth even during intense workouts, thanks to the perfectly positioned base levelers.

The CrossRamp technology allows you to choose your own stride length (three different positions available) and ramp angle (three levels of elevation – 15°, 20°, and 25°). The biggest advantage of being able to adjust the ramp angle is that you can target very specific groups of muscles in your lower body and improve your muscle definition.

Keep it mind that CrossRamp adjustment is manual on the 222...for the power version you'll have to upgrade to at least the EFX 225.  The two machines are virtually identical otherwise.

The best part about the machine is that it has movable handlebars for upper body workouts. It's the only real difference between this elliptical and the EFX 221 base model trainer, which has fixed handlebars for lower body training only.

The EFX 222, on the other hand, allows you to work the muscles in your upper and lower body and have a gym-like workout right from home. It is a much-needed upgrade and the key reason why the machine has received positive reviews from critics and users alike.

The elliptical trainer is also very easy to use. The dome keys on the console allow you to change the ramp angle and resistance with a gentle tap. You can also change your workout any time you want using the ‘workouts’ key.

The LCD console displays your workout data in bright colors and in an easy-to-read format. You can see the stats clearly, even if your workout room is not well lit. You can also attach your tablet, smartphone, or MP3 player to the console to access your files and listen to your favorite workout tracks.  For a touch screen and workout tracking take a look at the top-level EFX 245 model.

Like the EFX 221, the 222 also uses the SmartRate technology to track your heart rate and lets you know what zone you are in. This is a big plus, as you can stay in the optimal zone during your workouts and get faster results.

The machine is also very safe to use. A locking pin prevents the foot pedals from moving while the machine is not in use. When you want to use the machine, you can simply remove the pin and keep it in the storage slot below the ramp.

Critics are of the opinion that the EFX 222’s only shortfall is that it has just 10 preset workouts. You can find many other machines in the same price range that offer a large number of built-in workout programs. Precor, however, has made up for the small number of training programs by adding workout accelerators which help you make the most of your exercise sessions.

Our Thoughts on the Precor EFX 222

The EFX 222 is the complete package. It is sturdily built, very easy to use, and is designed as a total body workout machine. It is priced a little higher than many other machines in its class, but Precor machines are known for their exceptional quality and durability and well worth their price tag.

We definitely prefer this one over the base EFX 221 model simply because it gives you the option of an upper body workout.  There's no reason to limit yourself to just lower body when you can easily incorporate your upper body as well.

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