The Precor EFX 546 Commercial Elliptical Machine

You can actually purchase a Precor EFX 546 commercial elliptical machine by checking out some of the websites that carry remanufactured machines. Precor used to sell this model direct to consumers, but no longer have their commercial grade machines offered online to the public (possibly because their many health club buyers didn’t like it).

When you’re getting into the price range of a Precor EFX 546, getting a remanufactured elliptical trainer is actually an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck. Because these commercial machines were built to last for many years, even used ellipticals will give you years of use.

What You Get

The most important thing you get when purchasing any commercial Precor is supreme quality. These machines glide like silk through their elliptical motion. The fluid feel and quiet, nearly silent motor is legendary in the fitness industry. Features on the Precor EFX 546 commercial elliptical machine include:

Precor EFX 546 Commercial Elliptical Machine
  • Cross Ramp technology with adjustable incline (10-35°)
  • 20 resistance levels
  • 8 pre-set programs
  • Reverse motion
  • 20” stride
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Multiple read-out display console
  • Warranty: varies on remanufactured models

The Word on the Street

Trainers and fitness gurus fantasize about owning equipment like the Precor EFX 546 commercial elliptical machine. In fact, many pros end up buying remanufactured ellipticals precisely because they are so spoiled by the high quality of what they find in their health clubs. The Precor EFX 546 is a favorite because of the almost infinite variety of workouts you can get by combining the 20 Cross Ramp settings and 20 resistance levels.

UPDATE:  The 546 is no longer being produced but you can find a few remaining on Amazon or check out all of the Newest Precor Ellipticals on the official site.

Almost anyone who buys a commercial grade remanufactured elliptical machine mentions only one down side – the price. Even with substantial discounts, you’re still looking at thousands of dollars. That said, they go on to say they are glad they bought the machine and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Our Thoughts

With the right money available, used or remanufactured elliptical machines by top brands like Precor are one of the best investments in your health you can make. We particularly like the EFX 546’s electronic touch key system for easily adjusting the incline and the calorie burn calculator.

Most elliptical trainers will estimate how many calories you’re burning, but this model takes into account your age and weight, which makes things much more accurate. These small but thoughtful touches are one reason Precor is a consistent leader. The Precor EFX 546 commercial elliptical trainer will be machine you’ll use and love for years.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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