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Frankly, the name says a lot when it comes to Smooth elliptical trainers. Their exclusive roller-less design gives a smoother performance that will make you feel like you are walking on air. The silky glide of any Smooth Fitness elliptical trainer is one of the trademarks of the brand.

Buy Factory Direct and Save

Smooth Fitness Ellipticals

Smooth Fitness has been in business for over twenty years and has raised the bar for service and factory direct sales with their business model. They developed elliptical trainers specifically for sale over the Internet, producing a line of machines for the middle to high-end market and cut the prices by 20-30% simply by eliminating the middle man.

Without sacrificing any quality they are able to sell them at less cost because the company develops, manufactures and produces them and ships directly from their own warehouses. The cost savings they get from not having a separate sales force or brick-and-mortar shops is passed along to you, the customer.

Praise From Fitness Experts

Professional fitness experts praise Smooth elliptical trainers for providing a commercial gym quality feel with a lower sticker price. The adjustable pedals make it easier for multiple users to find their comfort level. Extra features like the upper body workout at the price of comparable machines without these features are also important.

Innovative Pivoting Foot Pedals

Consumers who have purchased elliptical trainers from Smooth Fitness also like the foot plates, especially the innovative pivoting design. These and the unique roller-less design both get high marks for comfort and ease of use.

High Marks For Warranty and Service

Buyers also give high marks to Smooth Fitness’ lifetime warranty on the frame and brake system. Warranties on their elliptical trainers also cover the parts for two to three years with two years on labor. Most manufacturers’ warranties don’t compare. If you do have a problem, the service staff is, according to users, always extremely helpful and quick to resolve any problems.

Our Recommendation

Smooth elliptical trainers may be the best machines in their price range, or any price range, depending on your needs and pocketbook. So do take the time to visit the Smooth Fitness website and compare the features of their elliptical trainers to those of other manufacturers – you’ll find that you can get the same features and quality for several hundred dollars less delivered right to your door.

UPDATE:  As of 2016 Smooth Fitness has fallen out of favor, and is no longer being promoted by ICON Health & Fitness.  You are much better off with one of their other brands such as NordicTrack or ProForm.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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