ST Fitness 4805 Total Body Trainer Consumer Review

by Simon
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

I have had only Walmart elliptical machines before, so I was used to crap. I went to a proper fitness sales center and tested the Horizon EX-69 and the ST Fitness 4805 Total Body Trainer. I am 270 pounds 5'4". My wife is 170 pounds 5'4". We live in an apartment so we did not have a lot of room.

What we like: very smooth and very quiet. Has a very bright coloured screen, so we don't have to have the lights on while we watch TV. Plenty of programs to choose from. The ST Fitness 4805 itself had a shorter length than the Horizon which was important because it would have put the machine partly on the kitchen floor. It has the widest support bar I've seen even compared to the 3000 dollar machines that were there, in fact, there was no side to side motion at all; very stable machine. My wife and I are not athletes but this machine works just great for us with plenty of room to improve ourselves.

The very first day the machine started to squeal on one side. I found that the installers didn't check for level. After I leveled it with the very generously long leveling feet the noise was reduced by 50%. I read the troubleshooting section of the manual which indicated to lube the rails. I did that and POW! no noise, super quiet.

The cons: the manual is not that clear. The manual indicates that there is a Time/Calender but doesn't indicate how to set them. I still have not figured that out yet.

One more thing: the ST Fitness 4805 elliptical comes with a small shelf that allows me to put my ebook reader on top of the display which makes the time go by very fast. I highly recommned this system if you are looking for a sturdy, smooth, low cost elliptical machine.

ST Fitness Elliptical Trainer Reviews

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ST Fitness 4820 Elliptical Trainer Consumer Review

by John Adams
(Racine, WI USA)

My ST Fitness elliptical trainer that I've owned for 9 months is junk. I do not recommend that anyone buy an elliptical trainer from ST Fitness. The bar that runs under foot rest snapped. When I returned the broken part to the place I bought the trainer from, they told me that ST Fitness is not honoring warranties. In my opinion, that is representation of a really bad company.

I am an avid fitness enthusiast and use the trainer often. I am not overweight - 210lbs.

Editor's note: ST Fitness is backing their elliptical trainers with generous residential warranties — frame (U.S. & Canada): 50 years (limited); mechanical & electronic parts: 3 to 10 years; labor: 1 year.

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