Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer Review

The Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer takes elliptical training to the next level. With patented zero-impact technology this unique piece of exercise equipment is safe for all users, regardless of their age, health or fitness level. 

Offering a superior low stress, low impact cardio and resistance workout, the FreeStep is a great way to work your muscles, lose weight and improve overall health without risking injury to knees, hips or back.

In fact, the technology used in this machine is the same used in traditional PT, so you can be sure that it takes your safety into consideration.

Let's get into our Teeter FreeStep review to see exactly what all the buzz is about…

What You Get

Teeter offers two models of recumbent cross trainers designed to provide maximum results with a minimum of muscle strain for all users.  

Both models have the same basic features including:

Teeter Freestep Recumbent Cross Trainer
  • Patented Stride Technology
  • Dual Power Motion
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Variable Magnetic Resistance
  • Adjustable Fit & Recline
  • Smart Device Stand with Digital Tracking
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Transport Wheels
  • Compact footprint: Length 54” x Base Width 29”, w/Handle Width 38”
  • Warranty: 1-Year Full on the LT-1 and 2-Year Full on the LT-3 
  • The LT-3 also offers a couple of additional features to maximize comfort: SoftStep Pedals,ComfortSelect Seat,SureGrip Handles, Ultra Glide Bearings

The Word on the Street

Getting a great workout can be particularly difficult if you’re rehabbing an injury or dealing with a chronic illness like arthritis. The stress and strain on joints can make most workouts nearly impossible, including those that use traditional stationary cycles or elliptical machines.

The Patented Stride Technology of the Teeter Freestep recumbent cross trainer and elliptical, which prevents the knees from traveling over the toes and stabilizes the back and hips, takes the stress off your joints so that you can workout without the fear of injury.

At the same time, the adjustable handles let you work your arms and the push-pull mechanics work both chest and back muscles so that you can get precisely the workout you need.

You can easily adjust the handles to your desired length for comfort and control and rotate them to target different muscle groups. Distribute resistance between muscle groups or isolate the legs or arms to tailor your workout to your individual needs; it’s quick, easy and fun and can help improve your overall health dramatically.

Taking the elliptical experience one step further, the FreeStep incorporates full-body resistance training to develop muscle strength throughout your body. The variable magnetic resistance can be adjusted with the simple turn of a dial, allowing you to go from a smooth, easy pace to a more challenging cardio workout effortlessly. The resistance dial is conveniently located behind the seat so you can quickly and easily adjust resistance without breaking stride.

With a comfortable cushioned seat that reclines and adjusts to fit your height, the Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer and elliptical is perfect for every member of the family. There are three reclining angles to maximize comfort and multiple height adjustments to accommodate users of all sizes.  

The whisper-quiet operation allows you to watch TV or listen to music during your workout without having to strain to hear, plus you can use it anywhere in your home, day or night, without bothering the rest of your family. The transport wheels at the back of the machine let you easily move the FreeStep from one location to another with minimal effort, making it easy to use anywhere.

Extra features for added convenience include a built-in water bottle holder located just below the seat for easy accessibility so that you can keep hydrated while you workout and a smart device stand that holds your tablet or cell phone so you can stream content or listen to music. The smart device stand also includes a battery operated digital tracking console that lets you monitor your time, distance, speed and calorie-burn.

The LT-3 model also includes SoftStep pedals with a rubber tread overlay that gives you a softer, more durable grip surface for added cushioning, traction and control. It also includes a ComfortSelect seat with a 27% thicker cushion and 12% increase in surface area to maximize comfort and SureGrip handles with high grade rubberized coating for enhanced grip.

The other main upgrade with the LT-3 is the use of UltraGlide premium steel ball bearings at each pivot point for more fluid motion, effortless startup and greater durability. The LT-3 also offers an extra year in its warranty so you can feel comfortable about spending a little more.

How does the Teeter Freestep Compare to a Traditional Elliptical?

Now that you have an idea of what the Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer offers, you need to consider how it compares to traditional recumbent ellipticals.

In general, recumbent ellipticals are more forgiving on the joints while providing a great aerobic workout. By using a reclining position, they take stress off the knees, hips and back, which is why they are recommended by most physical therapists. That’s where the similarities end, though, and Teeter FreeStep reviews will show you that most users rate this brand above all of the others.

The difference is the Patented Stride Technology, which incorporates a unique, natural striding motion. This mimics a leg press to strengthen your glutes, quads and hamstrings while simultaneously stabilizing the back and hips to take extra stress off your hips.  This smooth function also prevents the annoying “pop” that you feel with most ellipticals that use both arm and leg motion.

Besides being much easier on the joints, the FreeStep also provides more flexibility than most traditional ellipticals, allowing you to vary your workout by isolating your legs and arms to target specific muscles. Most other ellipticals don’t have adjustable handles that allow for this kind of muscle targeting. At the same time, the FreeStep has been proven to burn 17.4% more calories than a traditional recumbent bike with the same amount of effort.

Another significant difference is the size and weight of the Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer and elliptical. At 86 lbs less than its lightest competitor and with a small 54” footprint, the FreeStep is one of the smallest ellipticals on the market, making it easy to store and low profile so it can fit into any room. The built-in transport wheels help you move it almost effortlessly, unlike its bulkier competitors.

Of course, one of the most important features that most people consider when buying any kind of exercise equipment is price, and the Teeter FreeStep stands up there as well.  

At around $799 on sale for the LT-1 model and $1,049 for the LT-3 model, the FreeStep is more affordable than most of the competition, and both models include free shipping.

With special offers at various retailers including Amazon and Walmart, you can reduce your cost even more, making it one of the best investments in terms of home exercise equipment.

Bottom Line on the Teeter Freestep

Clearly, there is a lot to like when it comes to the Teeter FreeStep. It offers a great workout without stressing your joints, which makes it ideal for users who have limited mobility, joint issues or are recovering from injury.  It is lightweight, easy to move and smaller than most traditional recumbent ellipticals so you can incorporate it into any room without it taking over.

Of course, like most exercise machines, Teeter FreeStep reviews show that it is not without its drawbacks. While the handles are adjustable to accommodate targeting of biceps and triceps, their curved design can make them awkward for many users. Since this is a more basic machine, it also doesn’t have many of the bells and whistles that more expensive ellipticals do, such as the ability to sync with fitness apps.

It seems to be easy to assemble and the company offers exceptional customer service, plus each model comes with a 1 or 2 year warranty that helps to take some of the stress out of purchasing.  

Bottom line: the Teeter FreeStep recumbent cross trainer and elliptical is a good choice for individuals who want a gentle, low-impact workout but probably falls short if you’re looking for a more serious challenge.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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