TRUE TSXa Elliptical User Review

by Gene Alley
(Little Rock, AR)

I purchased a True TSXa elliptical two years ago for $3700 (on sale), replaced complete rear axle, electronic dash, and now two brakes. I am told by trained TRUE technican that the replacement brake is not designed properly, the resistance is 'hung' on about an 8. Can't use machine, technican turned in to TRUE the problem. After 6 weeks they are going to 'launch an investigation' into the problem.

At this time it cannot be fixed... after the investigation, I suppose they will have the brake redesigned to work. In the meantime I have a $3700 clothes rack. Obviously no one can even think about giving me some type of time frame...I do truly believe that it will be fixed. But realistically it could be from another month to 6 months in MHO....who knows?

The True TSXa machine as stated in first paragraph has been a pain from the beginning, apparantly a lemon. I have asked if they would take mine back and let me buy a new model (at a deep discounted price) and that is out of the question. A $3700 machine should last more than two years. This is a factory defect and they will not stand behind it.

I have been told how solid the machines were...the reason I paid so much, maybe most are; but the one that I have is absolutely junk...and I have no machine that works.

A lot of people thought I was crazy for spending so much on the True TSXa elliptical...but I knew better. Guess who is laughing now?

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Quality of TSXa
by: JK

8 years running. Bought used for 500.00

so solid and reliable, very smooth, no issues with electronics.

Remember it your experience not necessarily a poor product

High end but mine acts like it

Glad I found this page
by: Anonymous

Have been searching for weeks trying to find the right elliptical to suit my needs and thought I found it, $200 but not worth the aggravation it seems. Thanks and Nordic ACT wins

by: Randy E.

I have had mine for about 11 years. The motion is nice and smooth but the board's programs never worked correctly since the time I bought it from GYMSOURCE. A few years ago they did some service and still didn't fix the board.

I'm not saying that I did not get a lot of use from it, but for the price I paid I expected quality not bugs.

DON"T BUY A TRUE. And Gymsource should have been more accomodating.

Do not buy it
by: Tom

I have a TRUE ES 700 model and have had it for 3 years now with nothing but problems.

Cannot get help needed to fix from TRUE or dealer.

Will never buy one again!!!!!

True ES900
by: Anonymous

Just about to purchase a True elliptical. Any comments or feedback on this model. Thanks

Follow up
by: gene alley

For the last 4 weeks my "electronic board" that has been replaced is now not working properly. When I try to work out and adjust the stride it short circuits and blinks continuously. After about 10 minutes of unplugging and plugging back in it finally works...sometimes.
Wouldn't recommend machine...still like the motion however...when it works.

Follow up on TRUE TSXa Elliptical Review
by: gene alley

The local dealer got more involved with my problems. About two days after my review their best trained tech (usually works commercial) did come back out and started 'elminating problems', which is extrememly time consuming, taking off parts, testing, etc. It appears that the brake is fine, but the culprit appeared to be a tension wheel (enclosed bearings) that puts tension on the brake. It is actually two was not moving which made the resistance 'off the charts', the belt was just moving over a stationary bearing. He replaced it with another, which had the same results!! He called the factory and they shipped him another overnight that did work! The problem appears to be solved; however I did tell the technicians from the beginning that I can smell rubber almost burning...they need to listen better. The 'tension bearings' are not that hard to replace, and they 'looked fine', hard to see that one was not moving. TRUE at this point will not charge me for any labor (except the $182). I still am not totally satisfied as it appears that TRUE's replacement parts are definitely inferior! However I have had the machine 3 years and 4 months instead of the reported 2 years and 4 months stated. But still for the money and the hassle of repair...finally. TRUE would have been way ahead with this customer to replace this 'lemon'. I am convinced that mine is a 'lemon', as I have checked into others. The local dealer (who sells other brands) really helped me out and did offer to replace mine with a new one, but wanted too much difference...TRUE would not help him with the cost difference. Bottom line is TRUE should have 'pinpointed' the problem sooner as there are not that many parts...I have practically a new machine, but still feel the parts are inferior..."Facts are facts". I still like the movement of the machine.

Glad that I saw this
by: Anonymous

I have been doing research on which elliptical to buy, as there are a lot of them at different prices. True appears to be a good company that makes a quality product; but the word "appears" leaves a lot to be desired, obviously. This machine costs a lot of money, I'm glad that I can "cross" this one off of my list.

Thank you

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