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As a discount brand, TruPace elliptical trainers combine just the right features at the right quality to produce models that are priced hundreds less than competitor brands.

About the Company

TruPace Fitness has been producing a line of ellipticals, treadmills, and indoor exercise bikes for the European market for 15 years. The company launched its operation in North America in 2011 by partnering with Their niche in the fitness equipment market is to offer budget models at very modest prices along with free shipping and a quality guaranteed 30-day money back trial period.

About the Machines

TruPace Elliptical Trainers

There are three front-drive TruPace elliptical trainers in the new Endurance Series ranging in price from $499 to $799. They keep the prices down by building the models on the same frame with the same components, and adding more console features and a better warranty on the two higher priced models.

The TruPace E200 elliptical trainer at just $499 is one of the most affordable and solid trainers on the market. With its big 18" stride length, magnetic brake, self-generating power, and heart rate sensors, the E200 focuses on the key features that are highly prized in a low cost discount trainer. Its only drawback is a limited 90-day parts and labor warranty.

At just $100 more, the TruPace E220 is the best value in the line up. It comes with a longer warranty and a sound system built into the console. For what you would pay to add on an extra year of warranty for the E200, the E220 makes more sense.

The TruPace E250 at $799 is built on the same frame as the two lower-priced elliptical trainers, but it offers more frills such as a color touch screen display and the same sound system as the E220. If all you want is a discount elliptical, the E250 and its extra features makes no sense for budget-conscious consumers.

Good Entry-Level Machines

TruPace aims to make low cost reliable machines with attractive frames and decent features. Reviews on the E-Series have been encouraging although the company is so new there’s nothing to reference from consumers as to how well the customer service measures up or how durable the machines are.

TruPace elliptical trainers are nice lightweight machines that seem ideal for seniors and smaller adults who need an affordable alternative to some of the heavy trainers on the market. Check out the E200 and E220 if you are looking for a cheap elliptical that delivers decent value for the money.

UPDATE:  TruPace ellipticals don't seem to be around anymore.  Your best bet in the price range is to take a look at ProForm and NordicTrack ellipticals.

TruPace Elliptical Model Reviews

TruPace E200 - The entry level E200 elliptical trainer is a compact and lightweight model for small users.

TruPace E220 - Identical to the E200 except that this one comes with a sound system and it has a 1-year parts and labor warranty instead of 90 days. Best value of the TruPace line.

TruPace E250 - The E250 has a console upgrade over the E200 and E220 models. It has advanced computer features for user profiles and a color touch screen LCD display.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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