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Built for the long haul - and the tough user
by: Jim

Ok, I'm probably not what you picture when you visualize a "typical" elliptical user - at least not from the photos used to advertise many brands. I'm a 6' 7" male, 255 lbs, and used to inflicting intense workouts on myself. After a series of running injuries (long story), I purchased an Octane PRO3700 with much apprehension about transitioning to a low-impact elliptical workout.

Boy, was I wrong. The 3700 is built like a tank, and it doesn't even flinch while dishing out one of the hardest workouts I've ever done - lower and upper body - with avg HRs that exceed my past running workouts. The motion is fluid smooth, and the machine oozes quality. Expensive - yes, but worth every penny. I'm looking forward to using the 3700 as my go-to cardio tool for years to come.

The Octane Q37ce ROCKS!!!!
by: Anonymous

This machine is awesome! In 8 weeks I lost 30 lbs and 6 inches in my waist and 5 inches in my hips! The close placed foot pads and the longer
20.5" stride is so comfortable to use. My gym had the commercial model and when it closed I knew I needed to get a home OCTANE, have never been on any other elliptical so comfortable to use!

Octane Q35 Elliptical - Excellent, Problem Free
by: David in Denver

We bought the Octane Q35 elliptical trainer in December 2008. After much research I decided that it would be better to get a simpler version of a better brand (like a good Mercedes) than a lesser brand with more bells and whistles. I have no regrets. The machine is smooth, the variations provided by the simple electronics are enough, and the unit is compact in comparison to other brands. I love the ability to move arms on the unit. The number one reason I like this machine is the natural curve that the arms have. The Octane Q35's arms move straight forward and back rather than inward toward the machine's center. If you try both, you'll see there's a slight ergonomic advantage to the pricier models.

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