Cheap Elliptical Trainers - Buy for Price and Comfort, Not Features

You’ve seen cheap elliptical trainers for sale but probably wondered if they were really a good buy or a waste of money. We are happy to tell you that there are cheap ($100-$300) and budget-priced (under $1000) elliptical machines that can be considered to be good buys.

Budget Elliptical Machines for Less Than $300

Tony Little's Gazelle Freestyle

Before we start looking at cheap elliptical trainers, let’s first look at something completely different, Tony Little’s Gazelles. These budget-priced machines hardly look like ellipticals as they use more of a glider motion which incorporates swinging the arms and legs back and forth. These odd gliders have a lot of enthusiastic owners who report getting very good workouts with these cheap machines and continue to use them. A Gazelle folds up flat for quick storage and you can’t beat the price at $199 for the popular Gazelle Freestyle model. The fitness guru also offers two other cheaply priced versions as well: the Power Plus ($299) and the Edge ($100).

Tony Little Exercise Equipment

Weslo 610 Elliptical Trainer

As for cheap elliptical trainers, take a look at Stamina which makes a budget $240 model called the Fitness Silent Magnetic Resistance Cross Trainer Elliptical. (Whew!) Not only is the cheap price inviting but the quality isn’t bad - and get a load of what they pack into this little machine: 6 programs, 8 resistance levels, and heart rate monitoring on hand grip sensors. It has only a 14” stride length but otherwise this cheap elliptical cross trainer is a top notch budget machine.

The Stamina and Gazelles aren’t the cheapest elliptical trainers we’ve seen; that distinction would probably belong to Weslo. Have a look at the budget-priced Weslo 610 and 620 models which are both less than $180 but you really need to be a petite adult to deal with a stride length that short (12" and 13").

Budget Elliptical Machines for Less than $1000

If you can spend a little more, have a look at TruPace elliptical trainers in the new Endurance Series ranging in price from $499 to $799. These are nice lightweight machines that seem ideal for seniors and smaller adults who need an affordable alternative to some of the heavy trainers on the market. Check out the E200 and E220 if you are looking for a cheap elliptical that delivers decent value for the money.

Compare Elliptical Trainers Under $1000 Here

If you’re looking for a cheap budget machine with a Space Saving Design, we recommend you check out ProForm’s elliptical trainers which sell for $550 - $800 (free shipping included!).

Horizon EX76 Elliptical

Horizon also makes quality budget elliptical models. Their no-nonsense front flywheel machines range from a cheap $600 elliptical trainer to $1000 models and offer commercial quality features. The Horizon EX76 is your best buy for an incline elliptical machine for under $1000. It comes with an 18"-19" variable stride, 16 resistance levels, 16 programs, and a heavy-duty 14.3 lb flywheel. On top of that, it has a power incline up to 16%, with the same incline motor Horizon uses on their treadmills! Give it a test drive and you’ll find this relatively cheap model one of the sturdiest budget elliptical trainers you’ve ever tried.

Price is Nice but Comfort is Key

There are quite a few good but cheap elliptical cross trainers you can choose from, just keep two important points in mind when making a purchase: stability and a smooth gliding motion. All the other bells and whistles, programs, monitors, readouts, etc., don’t matter much if the thing wobbles or your workout is uncomfortable. When shopping for budget or cheap elliptical trainers, buy for price and comfort, never features.

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