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Bodyguard elliptical trainers did not make a big splash when they were first introduced a few years ago. The company has had better designs with their treadmills but they’ve overcome a lot of adversity trying to establish themselves with their trainers, and reviewers of ellipticals are taking notice.

Bodyguard is the sole cardio fitness machine maker based in Canada. After a corporate shakeup, the company’s designers scrapped their first attempts at elliptical trainers and came back with a lineup of competitive models in the high-end specialty class. They limit the line to only a few models, ranging in price from $2999 to $3999.

Angled Foot Pedals and Smooth Ergonomics

Bodyguard Elliptical Trainers

Bodyguard's front flywheel models offer a genuinely comfortable ergonomic feel. It’s a nuance thing; getting the stride and foot angle just right so that you don’t suffer the discomforts of numb feet or sore knees which is often the result of long workouts on inferior machines.

The Bodyguard elliptical trainers come equipped with a unique EZ3 System which allows you to customize the angle of your foot as you ride. There are three adjustable positions so that you’ll find the one that’s most comfortable for you.

These elliptical trainers even have an unusual Quick Tilt console which isn’t found on other brands, and then there’s the inclusion of their X-Technology, which is Bodyguard’s interactive training system.

The X-Technology visualizes your training charts with graphics and reports, as well as stores your workout data for you. It’s designed to keep you motivated, and you can also track your fitness goals in categories including weight, body shape, energy, and more.

Quality is Their Strength

Reviewers and fitness pros alike report that Bodyguard machines are strong performers offering a nice, fluid motion thanks to the quiet Eddy Current resistance system, and they are built with a high-end heavy flywheel that’s supported by a series of fixed electro-magnets. In addition, these elliptical trainers can rightly boast to having one of the smoothest footpads in the industry for better support and overall feel.

What We Say

Along with Bodyguard’s awesome warranty -- including lifetime on the frame, motor and brake system and 10 years on parts -- these ellipticals offer the type of durability and comfortable ride to please even the toughest critics. The main drawback is that they are unattractive, boxy, bulky looking things (in our humble opinion), but for value and quality, they are a brand to look at. Bodyguard elliptical trainers have come a long way to be considered a real threat to the leaders in its price class.

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Bodyguard Elliptical Model Reviews

The Bodyguard E230X - Amazingly comfortable ride.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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