The Endurance E300 Elliptical Trainer – Smooth Glide, Quiet Operation

The Body Solid Endurance E300 elliptical is a center-drive design that promotes proper body alignment during workouts. Its natural stride motion is so comfortable, you’ll be inclined to work out longer – and burn more calories!

What You Get

Endurance E300 Elliptical Trainer

The Endurance E300 elliptical comes with a health club style console that has an easy-to-use blue LED screen displaying feedback on speed, distance, time, stride/min, pulse, level, cal/hour, and calories.

The list of features includes:

  • 21" Stride
  • 20 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 7 Programs; 2 User Programs
  • Contact grip pulse sensors
  • Upper body workout Arms
  • 300 lb Max User Weight
  • Oversized Foot Pedals
  • Dimensions — 50"L x 31"W x 66"H"
  • Warranty — Lifetime frame, 5 years parts & electronics, 1 year labor

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The Word on the Street

Body Solid Endurance E300 Elliptical

Even with a compact footprint design, the Endurance E300 elliptical by Body Solid offers a comfortable 21” stride with a biomechanical correct stride pattern keeping the user in a balanced and upright position.

It has close pedal spacing, which lessens hip strain and makes the trainer comfortable for any size user. The dual action upper and lower body workout burns a ton of calories with a lower perceived rate of exertion than you find with using a treadmill or running outdoors.

The Endurance E300 also features a low step-up height for easy entry, and has low center of gravity and heavy frame so you don’t feel any wobble or instability when pedaling.

Body Solid’s front-drive ellipticals were good, but the new center-drive models are even better. From the incredible smooth glide and quiet operation, to the gorgeous design on the console, everything on the Endurance E300 and E400 C-drive models are superior to $2700 Endurance E7 elliptical stepper we reviewed last year.

One of the changes you should note is that Body Solid no longer covers its Endurance brand of ellipticals with lifetime warranties on parts. The frame warranty is still for life, but the parts & electronics warranty is now for 5 years, but that is still 2 to 3 years longer than what many other manufacturers offer.

Our Thoughts

With so many pluses in terms of quality construction, smooth performance, aesthetics, compact size, and affordably priced, the Endurance E300 is a good choice for your home gym.

We would advise you to check out the E400 elliptical trainer (featuring an adjustable stride length) which normally sells for $300 more. However, as it is the more popular of the two ellipticals, the E400 is often sold online for about the same price as the Endurance E300 elliptical at around $1,599.

If you can find a deal like that, the E400 is a better value.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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