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Starting out as a weight machine company, Body Solid elliptical trainers are now a strong portion of this company’s market. Although they will never replace the primary goal of the company – providing outstanding weight machines and gym equipment to home users – the ellipticals are gaining some popularity.

Unique Structure for Space Savings

On their original models, the first thing anyone noticed about Body Solid Elliptical trainers was their unusual shape. The front flywheel of every model was completely encased and housed almost directly under the handlebars and console in a rather elongated, on-end housing. At first glance, it was rather odd looking, but it served a definite purpose; Body Solid machines took up about half the floor space of other brands. The company is going for the mid-level market and targeting individuals who want their elliptical machine handy but unobtrusive.

The designs have changed since then, with a focus on mid-drive design, which keeps the footprints compact as with previous models.

Body Solid Elliptical Trainers

The construction of Body Solid elliptical machines is excellent. Four-sided welds and a carbon steel frame are two features that are typical of all equipment by Body Solid. They back this with a warranty that no other company can match. These elliptical trainers have complete, lifetime coverage on all parts, with one year on labor. A lifetime parts warranty is unheard of, particularly in the $1,000-$2,500 price range.

The Name’s the Same...

We aren’t sure what the reasoning is, but you may find it hard to find a Body Solid elliptical if you ask for it by name. They are distributed either through Body Solid dealers or through

Currently, there are five models to choose from, none bearing the Body Solid name.  You have the Best Fitness Cross Trainer, BFCT1, which is the only rear drive model in the series.  You then have the center-drive Best Fitness BFE1.

The other three are also center drive, but bear the Endurance name.  You have the Endurance E300, the E400 and the E5000.

So if you really want to look at Body Solid cross trainers, ask about Best Fitness or Endurance elliptical trainers; they’re the same thing under the same umbrella.

Compare Prices of Body Solid / Endurance Elliptical Trainers Here

These machines don’t get a lot of press and are barely mentioned in reviews, but they are dependable machines, if not exactly spectacular. For the price, they should have a bit more to offer in terms of features, but the company is an established one and the warranty just can’t be beat.

If you are looking for a rugged, relatively small and simple machine, Body Solid elliptical trainers might work for you.

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Body Solid Elliptical Model Reviews

Endurance E300 - New center-drive model features quality construction, smooth performance, aesthetics, compact size, affordably priced.

Endurance E400 - C-Drive system is superior to many rear-drive and most front-drive systems. Adjustable stride length fits every user.

Endurance E5000 - Solid, quiet, and convenient workout with the professional feel of a commercial machine; center-drive model gets enthusiastic reviews by pros and consumers.

Endurance E4 - A cross between a stair-stepper and an elliptical machine. A decent little trainer for small spaces.

Endurance E5HRC - An elliptical for small spaces covered by an outstanding warranty.

Endurance E7 - A solid machine backed by a solid warranty.

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UPDATE: Memorial Day Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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