The Endurance E7 Elliptical Trainer - a Good Fitness Investment

The Body Solid Endurance E7 elliptical trainer and the E7HRC model are two versions of the same elliptical machine. The E7HCR simply takes the machine one step further in the heart rate area to maximize your cardio workout.

What You Get

Body Solid Endurance E7 Elliptical

With both the Endurance E7 elliptical trainer and the E7HRC, you will get the same standard features. These are also backed by the usual amazing Body Solid warranty that covers all parts for the lifetime of the machine (as well as one year for labor). The specs on both machines include:

  • Synchronized upper body workout
  • 18.5” stride
  • LED display console
  • 20 levels resistance
  • Electronic tension control
  • Front flywheel and compact design
  • Chest strap heart monitor
  • 4 pre-set programs

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Endurance E7HRC Console

There are two main differences - the Heart Rate Control and the price. You can purchase Body Solid’s Endurance E7 elliptical trainer for about $1,500 and get the wireless chest strap monitor and one heart rate control program. For about $300 more, the Body Solid Endurance Cardio E7HRC elliptical gives you three additional programs based on your heart rate to ensure a maximally effective cardiovascular workout.

The Word on the Street

It’s a split decision among trainers. For some, they feel the Endurance E7 elliptical’s "peak cardio" options are wonderful, particularly for individuals who really need to monitor there cardio exercise and pace themselves.

By having a choice of workout options that are actually regulated by your own heart rate, you can maximize performance and minimize potential problems. Other fitness experts say that this isn’t necessary for the average person, so why bother?

Consumers who have purchased either the Endurance Cardio E7 or the E7HRC have been satisfied. These elliptical trainers are surprisingly quiet, given the front end elliptical design and 15 pound flywheel.

Our Thoughts

We like both the Body Solid Endurance E7 elliptical and the E7HRC trainer. It boils down to how much importance you place on monitoring your heart rate and then building your workout routine around that specific information.

Either machine is a good investment – just look at the stride length. With an 18.5” stride, almost any size person can get a full range of motion along with a fine upper body workout.

So take your pick – the Body Solid Endurance E7 elliptical trainer or the Cardio E7HRC elliptical – and you’ll get a good workout and company that backs their guarantee with quality service.

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