Epic EL 2980 Elliptical Review

by Steven
(Glasgow, KY, USA)

We purchased the Epic elliptical for home use, and use it very regularly to improve our fitness, especially during winters.

Loved it, and used regularly until in 2012. We had to replace the resistance motor (did not fix the problem) then the console.

Customer service was great though, very friendly & informative. Ended up with over $1000 invested, but still loved the machine, using almost daily.

Last month, same issue again, but customer service has fallen apart since 2012! Troubleshooting revealed the console has failed again, but is now no longer available.

Representative(s) were unprofessional, poor attitude, and not helpful. I understand our equipment is older, but to be told that I have NO recourse for repair is unacceptable.

After asking to speak to a supervisor, was told that I would be wasting their time! I am a retired Army pilot, certified engineer now, and a mechanic. When I asked for at least a wiring diagram so I could troubleshoot the PCB's in the console, to attempt to repair myself; was told they are proprietary.

Basically I have a very expensive piece of scrap iron now. When transferred to customer sales, I was told that I may be able to get a $100 discount off of a new ($1000+) machine.

Why would I buy from a company that does not support their equipment more than a couple of years?! I am extremely disappointed & frustrated. We loved the elliptical, overall, if we could just keep it working!!!

I will NOT recommend Icon equipment to any of my friends, family or anyone interested in value & support for out-years.

This should be an easy repair of a great piece of equipment, instead, you have lost a customer.

I am truly disappointed and upset to see the "disposable attitude" permeate yet another once-great company.

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Epic 2980 can't get schematic
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem. Epic seems to have sold their parts inventory to "IconService.com" but after finally figuring out that you have to call "Sales" and then get transferred to "Service" because they won't let you connect to service unless you've registered, and they won't let you register an EL2980.

I finally spoke with 2 different customer service assistants, with the net result that the schematic is simply not available. I'll prolly try to draw my own for the resistance motor circuit and see if I can troubleshoot.

Otherwise, I may create my own manual circuit, but it won't work with the program modes. I hope that my efforts help others who are looking for the schematic...it does not seem to exist.

If anyone happens to HAVE a schematic, please post it!

Regarding the Epic EL 2980
by: All Ellipticals Team

Hey Steven,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately Epic is no longer in business, perhaps in part due to its customer service and construction issues.

Epic Elliptical Reviews

The machines were originally built quite well and received positive reviews, but over time it seems more and more customers like yourself ran into issues.

ICON has been focusing more closely on their better selling brands, namely NordicTrack and ProForm, so we would definitely look into those if you're considering ellipticals in the $799-$1599 range.

If you want to stay away from ICON Fitness, and I get the feeling that you do, then consider Sole and Horizon. These companies compete very well with the ICON brands, and you'll definitely find a model that appeals to you.

All the best,

All Ellipticals

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