Healthrider 8.5 EX Elliptical Cross Trainer – Exercise for the Bored

The Healthrider 8.5 EX Elliptical Cross Trainer is an example of an exercise machine designed to appeal to people who don’t like to work out. Made under the umbrella of the fitness giant ICON Fitness, Healthrider has found a niche catering to people who need some motivation to work out.

The most unique feature on this elliptical machine is the built-in 7” color television screen on the display monitor. Say what you will, it can certainly make it easier to force yourself onto the trainer if you don’t look forward to your workout some days.

What You Get

But Healthrider has also built a pretty good elliptical machine with this model. It’s a step up from their lower-end models and it shows. Features of the 8.5 EX cross trainer include:

Healthrider 8.5 EX Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Upper body workout
  • 20 pre-set programs
  • Capability to program custom settings
  • Pulse monitor
  • 18” stride
  • Great warranty – lifetime on frame, 7 years on brakes and 1 year parts and labor

The additional heft and sleek design of this machine also makes it one of the better Healthrider choices, with the price tag hovering around $1,000.

The Word on the Street

UPDATE:  The Healthrider 8.5EX elliptical machine is no longer being sold.  You can check out all of the best ellipticals under $1000 here.

Trainers haven’t paid a lot of attention to the Healthrider 8.5 EX elliptical cross trainer, so we can’t give you much in the way of their reviews. We suspect because they don’t take an elliptical machine with a built-in television seriously; but hey, whatever it takes to get you on it, right?

Consumer reviews love the television, saying it motivates them and keeps them from getting bored. They also claim they work out longer and more frequently because of this feature. It has a moderately quiet ride and smooth stride. Kudos are also given to the oversize foot pedals, which make it comfortable for even the largest individuals.

Our Thoughts

The Healthrider 8.5 EX Elliptical Cross Trainer is a great concept. Lots of people give up on exercise because they have to put their equipment in a basement or bedroom where they go quietly crazy with boredom. Having the television built in makes exercising less of a chore.

The machine itself is sturdy and well built. It’s not top-of-the-line, but it’s a good, reliable mid-priced machine with attractive lines. A good contender.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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