The Kettler Alpine Dual-Action Elliptical – Awesome! Great Value!

Getting in shape is a joy with the Kettler Alpine Dual-Action elliptical. If you have been frustrated by cross trainers with “moving workout arms” that offer little to no resistance benefit to your upper body, try Kettler’s Rope Pulley System for the ultimate in an independent “dual action” workout.

What You Get

On the console, the Cardio Fitness Computer with High Resolution LCD Display has readouts for elapsed time, distance, kilojoules burned (4.2 kilojoules = 1 calorie), RPM (tempo measurement), pulse rate, and optimum training pulse range.

The full specs of the Kettler Alpine Dual-Action elliptical are:

Kettler Alpine Dual-Action Elliptical
  • Magnetic Resistance Braking System
  • 19" Stride Length
  • Ear Lobe Clip HR monitor
  • Wireless Polar® T34 Heart Rate Transmitter
  • 45-lb Flywheel Drive System
  • Rope Pulley System
  • Integrated Gliding Footplates
  • 330-lb. user weight capacity
  • Warranty – lifetime frame; 2 years parts & electronics; 1-yr labor

The Word on the Street

UPDATE: As of 2021 it looks like Kettler is no longer making ellipticals. They used to have at least half a dozen models available for sale on the company website but now there is only one, the RIVO 4, and it's out of stock.

Check out our Best Ellipticals page to find a comparable model in your price range.


The 195-pound Kettler Alpine Dual-Action elliptical is the first of its kind to offer a gliding rope system to work the arms, shoulder, back, and torso. This is part of the unique individually controlled manual resistance for upper and lower body resistance.

In the ellipse path, the Extended Motion Technology™ is a combination of the 19" stride and the integrated gliding footplates. This trainer has top-grade sealed ball bearings for smooth operation, forward and reverse pedal motion, and ergonomic body positioning to establish proper posture and alignment over the pedals. The Alpine’s frame is a robotically welded proprietary steel tube that makes it probably the best elliptical frame on the market.

Elliptical reviews on this Kettler are extremely positive in areas of reliability, noise, value, and ergonomics. Build for long-lasting performance and quiet operation, the Alpine Dual-Action elliptical has all the mechanical component and electronic qualities you could wish for. The display leaves something to be desired but that’s a small point.

The German-made elliptical trainer doesn’t really have a 45-lb flywheel – as impressive as that might sound. The German engineers list the actual weight of the rear drive assembly and not the flywheel itself, so expect it to be closer to a 30-pound range. Still, for the price of $1,199, that’s a great value.

Our Thoughts

For being very smooth, quiet, and sturdy, this trainer is awesome, and the rope-and-pulley system makes it even more appealing in a sort of “why didn’t they think of that before” kind of way.

It combines the upper arms and torso training of a cable machine or a cross-country ski machine but in an upright elliptical.

If you are on a limited budget, yet willing to spend just a little more to get a quality machine, the Kettler Alpine Dual-Action elliptical trainer will give you years of good cardio and weight loss workouts.

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UPDATE: Spring Elliptical Sales are going strong! 


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