The Kettler Elyx 5 Elliptical – The Focus is on the Basics

The new front-drive Kettler Elyx 5 elliptical offers a unique folding frame, advanced components, and an array of programs to get you in the best of shape.

What You Get

On the console, the Cardio Fitness Computer has a backlit LCD display with a graphic intensity profile and readouts for time, distance, speed, ROM, calories and heart rate. The exercise programs include custom, target zone training, and heart rate control. The computer has a visual as well as acoustic warning signal for upper limit pulse readings.

The specs on the Kettler Elyx 5 elliptical include:

Kettler Elyx 5 Elliptical Trainer
  • 20" Stride Length
  • 8 Programs
  • Electronically Adjustable Magnetic Brake
  • 15 Resistance Levels
  • 25 – 400 Watts in 5 wt increments
  • Upper Body Handlebars
  • Front Drive
  • Rubberized, Slip-resistant footplates
  • Telemetric hand grips, ear clip HR sensor
  • Front Transport Wheels, Floor levelers
  • Folding frame
  • 330-lb. User Capacity
  • Unit wt/dimensions: 249 lbs/78" x 27.6" x 71"
  • Warranty: lifetime frame, 3 years parts and labor

UPDATE:  The Elyx 5 is no longer being sold, replaced by all new Elyx 1, a great upgrade to the previous model.  You can get great deals on all of the new ellipticals here:

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The Word on the Street

Kettler Elyx 5 Display Console

The revolutionary Kettler Elyx 5 has a host of features including a long and flat elliptical path, a 20 kg (44-lb) drive system, ball bearing pivots in all joints, a magnetic brake system with 15 electronically controlled levels of resistance, a sweat-resistant plastic-foil keyboard, slip-resistant foot pads, and a natural 20" stride length.

Along with continuous readouts of nine functions, the computer display also features Target zone training (fat/fit/manual), an Ergometer that ensures accurate measurement of power in Watts, and a Recovery Pulse feature measuring a fitness mark. There are three heart rate monitoring options including the hand grip sensors, an ear clip sensor, or wireless Polar chest strap (not included).

Our Thoughts

Reviewers find that the Kettler Elyx 5 is a good choice for an affordable home cardio fitness machine. Since it doesn’t bother with fussy entertainment features and focuses on the basics, this Kettler elliptical has its money in quality components that will last for years.

These better parts (ball bearings instead of bushings, hefty flywheel assembly, etc) are the reason for the extended 3-year base warranty. Made in Germany and imported by KettlerUSA, the Kettler Elyx 5 elliptical is a Good Buy.

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UPDATE: Summer Elliptical Sales are now on! 


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